Doron recognizes Aladdin and their group as excellent students in their second year, asking them what they hope to accomplish. Grabbing Aladdin, Yunan flies into the air and using Al-Kimia Al-Qadima, an Alchemic Magic, he creates a tree out of nowhere, surprising Aladdin. Aladdin's former Metal Vessel for Ugo is a small, golden flute with the magical seal of an eight pointed star. He continues explaining that they will be able to defeat the "Medium" when it totally consumes its magoi. However, as the story of Magi reveals more about everyone's motives, it becomes clear that he's more than just a powerful magician.

He overheard rumors about Cassim's Fog Troupe and decided that he'd settle things with Cassim first. Before Arba could finish him off, Sinbad intervenes. She is very loyal to Aladdin and seems to respect him and enjoy his friendship.

After Yunan turns it into a log cabin, he invites Aladdin in saying that they can talk in private now, commenting to Sinbad that he could no longer eavesdrop on them.

Aladdin étant le personnage principal de la série, il apparaît dans tous les arcs. [42] Aladdin continues working hard, and after only one month, only 5 people remain in Myers' class, Aladdin being one of them. Aladdin, however, is unsure, so Yunan says that he will tell him what he thinks of Sinbad. Sinbad easily defeats him and surprises everyone by offering to join the Fog Troupe, telling them he wants to help and also citing and explaining the Abnormalities of the World as another reason for joining. [32], Later that night, both caravans have a huge party. After the time skip, he teases Alibaba a bit more but is happy nonetheless that his friend is by his side once more. He is Aladdin's most precious friend. [66], Aladdin tells Yunan not to startle him by appearing out of nowhere, and Yunan comments that Sindria's sunlight is too strong for him.

She then adds that Aladdin hasn't changed at all, but after hearing to look carefully by Spartos and by taking his hand and checking their height, she realizes he is as tall as she is now.

Edad: alrededor de 10 años Estatura: 130 cm Le encante: leer Habilidades: Magia Es uno de los personajes principales de la serie "Magi: The Labyrinth of magic" At the same time, it’s always best to study things you’re best at. Amon assures them that it's alright since Djinn have a natural disposition of choosing a King if someone reaches the treasury, the proof in the fact that Zagan had appraised Hakuryuu before leaving and disappears after explaining how he was able to materialize. Aladdin a aussi tendance à manger la nourriture qui ne lui appartient pas, comme lorsqu'il mange toutes les pastèques qui se trouvent dans le chariot du maitre d'Alibaba dans l'anime ( les pastèques appartient à Leila dans le manga). Aladdin, upon hearing this, asks if she is a little different from a Magi, and she replies that she is like Titus, one of Scheherazade's clones but with the consciousness of the real Scheherazade. In Volume 27's omake, when asked who he wished his real sibling were, Aladdin said Sphintus: "He's family-oriented, kind and good at taking care of others." Aladdin and Titus go to the 5th District to see Marga when the Chancellor suddenly appears and asks them to guide him to Marga. Just as Ryosai is about to behead Hakuei, Aladdin arrives with Ugo, who quickly dispatches him and saving her life. Aladdin and Sphintus, during their search, happen upon an infirmary where most of the injured are fellow magicians. Hakuryuu asks how they'll get out to take Morgiana to a doctor if they killed the Djinn but Aladdin assures that what Morgiana had defeated was no Djinn and he's confirmed by the appearance of a miniature figure of the fake Zagan, who returns the girl he had taken earlier and introducing himself as the last flower with no more power, saying that Zagan created the Dungeon creatures in imitation of him but they broke free from his control. Aladdin and Sphintus then see Titus dressed as a high-class magician, and Aladdin asks if he will fight against Reim and Scheherazade; Titus grabs Aladdin and presses him against a wall, saying he will fight and that he was wrong about them being similar, saying he can only think about himself.

Aladdin joined the world as a young boy. Aladdin's flute lights a path into the distance while Hakuei fights her army with her Djinn Metal Vessel alongside Seisyun with his Household Vessel but are ultimately defeated. He then tells them Marga is free to leave and can even live with them above the 5th District, Titus believes this is pity for Marga, but Mogamett claims he feels pity for Titus. A little later, Aladdin and Alibaba's attention is drawn to a commotion when Hakuryuu's arm falls off and Ithnan regenerates from the fallen limb. She explains that this meant Aladdin's magic specialty was Flame Magic. A war broke out between Al-Thamen and Solomon's supporters. Aladdin declares that he'll be the one to undo it and Sinbad asks Yamraiha to suppress the magic in Alibaba. Quand il parlait avec Dunya de Magnostadt, Aladdin mentionne qu'il vient de Alma Torran. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. She requests Aladdin put his staff down, as she couldn't bring herself to fight him to the death. 35, 10243 Berlin.

Everyone is confused by Aladdin's explanation. While this won't go too deeply into the storylines covered in the manga, it will be covering a lot of the aspects of the character viewers might not have known about otherwise.

Luckily, in two weeks, a caravan would come by during the spring market that could take him there. Zagan transports everyone out the Dungeon but they're ambushed by three members of Al-Thamen using Dark Metal Vessels, Zurmudd , Apollonius , and Byoln.

Nero and Sai Lin come to hug him, but Myers, very proud of him, interrupts them. Muu is surprised he was stopped by Alibaba realizing that Alibaba didn't come there to back him up. See more of Aladdin [Magi] on Facebook.

Feeling inferior and useless, Hakuryuu asks that they don't help him anymore and Zagan agrees that they've been helping each other too much before dividing them up into two groups and throwing them through two entryways, Morgiana and Hakuryuu through one and Alibaba and Aladdin through the other.

He apologizes to him that he said earlier that Mogamett was "a king only fit for magicians". Mogamett unshackles Aladdin and invites him to talk privately. He says that he has something to tell him, but is cut short when an ominous female voice intervenes and cuts him off. Soon after, all the Slimes start to merge to make King Slime. Aladdin Magi.

Alibaba quickly figures out their meaning and comes up with the correct entrance. The Fanalis Corps attack his Ugos to little effect and Aladdin then channels his magoi to his Ugos to cast a larger version of Har-Har Infigar, making sure not to hit anyone with it. He remarks that he couldn't be useful and borrow everyone's power.

The first thing he asks is about how Yamraiha well-being, initially shocking Aladdin; Mogamett tells him not to worry as he still sees her as one of his dear disciples and was something like a father to her in the past. Upon Aladdin's touch, Amon is summoned and after assessing everyone in the room, bows to Aladdin and addresses him as Magi. Aladdin, not knowing the severity of doing so, breaks the chain on her ankles to set her free. He then asks her if he could call her something different as "Morgiana" is too long.

After training at the Magnostadt Academy for six months, Aladdin dresses in a magician's robe and a hat. click: function (score, evt) { Aladdin (アラジン Arajin) is a heat magician and one of the four magi.

Immediately, Agares, Astaroth and Phenex are summoned leaving Kouen with a surprised expression. Quand Sheba fut enceinte, elle a utilisé la magie pour ralentir sa grossesse comme elle voulait qu'il naisse dans un monde heureux.

$("#sjrating").html('Du hast bereits abgestimmt...'); Aladdin says he has to stop the war and then requests Professor Irene to let him talk with the Chancellor.

He says she seems to be an interesting person and wants to talk to her more later. They start crossing the gap by jumping on the cubes but the rabbits grow violent when Zagan starts to sing. Généralement, il porte une petite veste bleue avec des bandages autour du torse. Alibaba interpolates Aladdin and asks him why didn't he say that to him before, and Aladdin answers that because he's a Magi, and is his job. Aladdin wonders how is it possible that they are talking, and if it's some kind of magic. He is the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba of Alma Torran, and is commonly referred to as Solomon's proxy. One of his attendants says Aladdin has been traveling with them for a while now. The creator initially thought about making him into a woman, though this version of the character looked almost exactly the same. Inside their room, Aladdin asks one of the maids if she knows someone named Alibaba and she promptly drops her tray in shock before informing him that his friend has the same name as "Wonder Man Alibaba," the country's number one criminal and the head of a thieves' guild, the Fog Troupe. Ugo raised Aladdin in the Sacred Palace and sent him to the world to fight Al-Thamen and prevent a similar tragedy that destroyed Alma Torran. It was a someone named Titus Alexius. During that battle, Arba, controlling Hakuei's body, manages to fatally wound Aladdin.

[37], Afterwards, Kouha asks who the dirty brat, Aladdin, is.

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Alibaba tries to cut the monsters with his knife but the attack goes right through them and he realizes that they are Slime monsters that are able to take on any appearance. All the Dungeon Capturers enter in their Djinn Equip form and the group in Magnostadt leave lead by Aladdin. [61], Aladdin is interrupted by the news that they have arrived at Sindria where they will be staying until then. Alibaba observes that the rooms beyond the doors may just be the monsters' homes and Aladdin wonders if the creatures got angry because their homes were so unceremoniously invaded. Morgiana kicks Aladdin into the distance before chasing after his flying form while Alibaba is forced to fight Jamil. Alle Serien auf - Seit über 15 Jahren!

Just as she too was about to be killed, Sharrkan, Masrur, and Yamraiha arrive to their rescue. Log In. The, he spots Kouha, with whom he hasn't met for a while. Aladdin’s character song is referred to as Magic, and it’s sung by the woman who brings his voice to life.

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