Down-And-Outback, actually. Beetlejuice loses his memory (he's beaned by a satellite), so Lydia takes him to see Dr. Zigmund Void. Often acts effeminate and shows great dislike for things Beetlejuice usually likes, including scams and eating beetles. Redirect by file, user, page, revision, or log ID, 1980s American animated television series, 1990s American animated television series, American Broadcasting Company network shows, Television series by Warner Bros. Television,, DVD Times - Beetlejuice R1 AE in September, Press release detailing Toontopia TV which will feature Beetlejuice,, "Beetlejuice Title Theme" by Danny Elfman, "Beetlejuice Ending Theme" by Danny Elfman. With a wave of her wand, Goody turns everyone into denizens of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood--what a fate! Also, you don't have to say it quickly, or really in a row. The Aunts promptly begin getting Beetlejuice and Lydia into trouble (more than usual, anyway). When he says he's tired, he'll turn into a tire.

Season Aired: Unlike Beetlejuice, Beetlebones is more classy, but often acts very arrogant and rude to Beetlejuice's friends. Beetlejuice is also constantly coming up with get-rich-quick con schemes to get money, as he dreads having to get a job, and in later episodes (particularly in the second half of the fourth season), Beetlejuice greediness becomes so intense that he starts to overlook his friends and family, and even when Lydia openly scolds him, Beetlejuice shows unbelievable reluctance or unwillingness to give up of his schemes.

Determined to win the prize, BJ launches a ""Men Are Beautiful Too"" campaign, closely followed by a ""Disgusting Is Beautiful Too"" campaign.
He eats 200 bugs in the whole animation, and according to Lydia on the first episode, he knows 101 ways. BJ finally resorts to inventing a story on the spot, featuring himself, Lydia, Flubbo, and other Neitherworld characters. At the beginning of the series, she is attending the seventh grade and loves to design clothes, take photographs, and study bugs. (Occasionally she is shown making use of a longer, more elaborate ritual to bring him out of the Neitherworld or send herself into it, but that seems not to be a necessity.) So he holds a Save-The-Smells Telethon to do just that--until he actually, truly, begins to believe in his cause.

They recently announced that they're working on a script, but they're giving themselves one important rule to follow: no Michael Keaton, no more "Beetlejuice.". But its a lot harder to get out of trouble after grossing people out when you don't have magic, so Lydia is forced to instruct Beetlejuice to "de-Beetlejuice" Ramon. Beetlejuice differs from his film counterpart, as he is more of an anti-hero, but still retains much of his dishonest ways. The humor was kept clean in that it didn't involve sex, drugs, or alcohol (in one episode, set in an old western town, Beetlejuice makes the metafictional remark that the town doesn't have a saloon because of the time slot, which also breaks the fourth wall). He is terrified of sandworms, often freezing up around them to the point where he can't even fly. Unfortunately for him, sending him back is done in the same fashion. There are three different opening introductions. Other times, he wears clothes appropriate to whatever profession he uses in his scams. Despite this cynical and childish attitude, Beetlejuice prove to be a profound and isightful person, frequently reciting quotes of philosophical and humanitarian importance (but of course, Beetlejuice rarely follow his own lessons and lectures). He later uses this disguise again whenever he describes something as "spectacular" or "amazing". Wolf to wipe him out. For a while, he was stuck in that form due to a collar placed on him when he was in the Neitherworld. He claims immunity from mind control, though a few episodes prove this is not always the case.
On a few occasions, other people and ghosts went to the Neitherworld or the living world, either when Lydia takes them with her by chanting Beetlejuice's name, or presumably through a door that connects Lydia's and Beetlejuice's homes. Donnyjuice is a wanted man with a huge price on his head--which makes for a perfect opportunity for Beetlejuice to get a little 'closer' to his brother (with the aid of handcuffs, of course). Air Date Number: Carry-On - The captain of a ferry-boat who makes the cross of River Schticks. To get out of housework, BJ passes the time away telling Lydia about the time he and Jacques journeyed to the centre of the Neitherworld to rescue Vern Jewels, who was being held prisoner by Captain Nemo (who wanted to be rewritten into a hero role). But a greedy resident doctor is looking to make a quick buck and kidnaps Lydia with the intention of charging admission to the public to witness a 'total body transplant'--with BJ as the surgeon!

To get even, Lydia and BJ send Clare to be an exchange student herself--in the Neitherworld. But BJ isn't the only reward-seeker on the scene: he must contend with Deader Alive, the famous bounty hunter from Neitherworld TV. Its Pranksgiving in the Neitherworld, and Beetlejuice's rival Pondscum (""Pondscum...Germs Pondscum"") looks as if he's going to beat out BJ for the title of Grand High Prankster.

He also sometimes has trouble when combating a rival ghost whose powers are considerable. When Lydia joins the Happy Faced Girls, Beetlejuice laughs until he finds out how much money a cookie drive can pull in. Between BJ and Lydia, Jacques and Ginger, The Monster and Poopsie, The Mayor and Mrs. Bugsly, Chester Slime and Armhold Musclehugger, and Scuzzo and Fuzzo, who will reach the island--and the valuable ape--first? BJ, Lydia, and Doomie accidentally tumble into Brinkadoom, a cursed village which disappears for an eternity as soon as all its inhabitants fall asleep.

Threatening, endangering, or insulting Lydia is the fastest way to make Beetlejuice angry. It's 'Good Neighbor Day' in the Neitherworld, when being nice is a law. But when Boris reveals his evil plan to kick the Deetzes out of their home, Lydia has to change her opinion, and quick. Beetlejuice gets tired of Doomie's tendency to be nice, so he builds a new vehicle: Road Hawg, the meanest chopper around, but Doomie's the only one who can save BJ from Road Hawg's vicious new gang. On one occasion, he says "This literal translation stuff slays me", which causes giant letters reading "Literal Translation Stuff" to fall from the sky and crush him.) While Lydia helps Thong find confidence in himself, Beetlejuice tries to 'save' her in the guise of the famed adventurer Grimdiana Bones. Lydia knows how to summon Beetlejuice to her presence, or make her own way to his: by calling his name aloud three times. Beetlejuice would drag the young girl along to visit with his spooky friends, Jacques LaLean (a fitness-obsessed skeleton), Doomie the Dogbrained Car and The Sappy Face Ghouls (a sort of evil scout troop). BJ gives the poor old geezer a cog-attack, thoroughly messing up the flow of Time. But how long can it last? Get it?

BJ and Doomie are caught distributing phony driver's licenses and sent to traffic school. After spending all day curing Lydia of her measles, Beetlejuice gets Cabin Fever--and then is quarantined to the Roadhouse. The second time was when Lydia wasn't able to spend time with her father Charles. But if everybody is in the pageant, who's left to even watch it? However, with Lydia's help, he soon reassembled himself. Lydia only succeeded in scaring Beetlejuice once with the prank that his mother was coming to stay with him for a month, but Beetlejuice successfully pranked Lydia at least four times using his much more effective powers. Lydia is stuck competing against Clare in her school's golf P.E. Beetlejuice's body: There were two episodes where Beetlejuice's head separated from his body. BJ finally resorts to inventing a story on the spot, featuring himself, Lydia, Flubbo, and other Neitherworld characters.

Beetlejuice's main pastime is pulling various pranks on the other denizens of the Neitherworld such as Jacques, Ginger, The Monster Across the Street, Poopsie, the Mayor and in the Living World it is Lydia's rival Claire Brewster, Lydia's parents or sometimes Lydia herself. The series was a breakout hit for ABC in its initial season, and later became one of the first animated series to air on FOX's weekday afternoon children's lineup. In both occasions, BJ's head retained his regular personality, while his body would act independently and talk with a face made by his hand. When Beetlejuice is collared while in dog form, he gets stuck that way.

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