In a huge peasant gathering the police fired at Hasnabad of Laksham Upazila in 1932. Mineral Resources: Natural gas (Bakharabad in Sreekail). This page has been accessed 29,092 times. The following personalities were either born or stayed in this district for a significant span of their lifetime: District in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Comilla, Comilla Victoria Government College, Comilla Victoria University College, Ispahani Public School & College, Comilla, List of Educational Institutions in Comilla, "Sub-national HDI - Area Database - Global Data Lab", "Mixed reactions as govt changes English spellings of 5 district names", "Bengal District Gazetteer Tipperah District", "Outcry over Comilla DC's misbehaviour with journos | Dhaka Tribune", "9 new units to start production in Comilla EPZ soon | Dhaka Tribune", "Tributes paid at Maynamati War Cemetery | Dhaka Tribune", "Choudhurani, Nawab Faizunnesa - Banglapedia",, "Life sketch of newly appointed Chief Justice of Bangladesh",, Districts of Bangladesh established before 1971, Articles needing additional references from October 2009, All articles needing additional references, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 04:59. War of Liberation The general people of the upazila killed three members of the Pak EPR (East Pakistan Rifle) by beating on 27 March in the Shashidal EPR Camp. Main Export Items: Natural gas, khaddar cloth, coconut, dry chilly, dry fish, egg, poultries and potteries. [14], Comilla Victoria College and Comilla Zilla School are two old and renowned college and school in the country. (1214.00 sq. During the preparation of a countrywide HARTAL on 21 November 1921, protesting the visit of India by Prince of Wales, Kazi Nazrul Islam composed patriotic songs and tried to awaken the town people. Mahatma Gandhi visited Comilla at that time. miles) including 6.79 sq. See also The upazilas under this district. On 23 May, the Pak army, in collaboration with the local razakars, killed 11 innocent persons at village Roypur of Daudkandi upazila; they also set many houses belonging to the freedom fighters and the Awami League leaders and supporters of nearby Jinglatali and Harpur villages on fire. There are different opinions about the origin of the district name. In order to facilitate revenue collection, the company hired a district collector in the province in 1769. There are different opinions about the origin of the district name. km. Comilla then belonged to the province of Dhaka. Population Total 4595557; male 2312734, female 2282823; Muslim 4348227, Hindu 241742, Buddhist 404, Christian 4177 and others 1007.
Fifteen Pak soldiers including one captain were killed in an encounter with the freedom fighters of 4th Bengal Regiment at Holaimuri on the bank of the river Ghungur on the border of Kasba and Brahmanpara upazilas. [6] Chandpur and Brahmanbaria sub-divisions of this district were transformed into districts in 1984. Besides, 20 freedom fighters were killed in more than one clash with the Pak army in Burichang upazila. The launch, carrying the Pak army, was seriously damaged and a number of Pak soldiers were killed or wounded; they were also forced to retreat towards Machhimpur. Chandpur and Brahmanbaria sub-divisions of this district were transformed into districts in 1984. In the ninth century, Comilla came under the control of the kings of Harikela and then ruled by the Chandra dynasty during tenth and mid eleventh century AD.

Main Fruits: Mango, jackfruit, banana, coconut, palm, guava and blackberry. The district consists of 16 upazilas, 185 unions, 2455 mauzas, 3532 villages, 10 paurashavas, 99 wards and 297 mahallas. In 1859, these two posts were merged again. The Tripura Collector's journey began with the formation of Tippera or Tipperah district of Bengal by the British in 1790. Poet Rabindranath Tagore visited Comilla twice. Later on it was ruled by the Mughals and then it came under the rule of East India Company in 1765. Lalmai Mainamati was ruled by Deva dynasty (eighth century AD) and Chandra dynasty (during tenth and mid eleventh century AD). Other archaeological heritage and relics include Saptaratna Mandir (Jagannath Mandir), Shah Suja Mosque, Dharmasagar, Chandimata Mandir (on the top of Lalmai Hill of Barura), Chandala Shiva Mandir (Brahmanpara, eighteenth century), Saitshala Jami Mosque (Brahmanpara, 1719), Mazars of Panch Pir (five saints) at Shashidal (Brahmanpara, 1815), Harimangal Math (Brahmanpara, 1822), Ramnagar elongated Math (Brahmanpara, 1705), Saitshala Rammahan Mandir (Brahmanpara, 1805), Hasnabad Math and Hatiabhanga Fort (Daudkandi). Ancient Buddhist monastery ruins are the major attraction of Mainamati, near Kotbari. Chandpur and Brahmanbaria subdivisions of this district were transformed into districts in 1984. [5] According to the Third Regulation in 1793, a civil judge was appointed for the Tripura district and in that year he was given magisterial powers.

On 2nd September, the Pak army attacked the camp of the freedom fighters and brutally killed 6 innocent persons. Comilla District , officially known as Cumilla District[3] It is a district of Bangladesh located about 100 kilometres south east of Dhaka. It was once under ancient Samatata and later became part of the state of Tripura. Administration The Comilla region was once under ancient Samatata and was later a part of the Tripura State. Besides, 6 freedom fighters were killed in a battle with the Pak army at a place called Faoui. Historical Events: Peasants Movement against the king of Tripura in 1764 under the leadership of Samsher Gazi is a notable historical event. [12] Pashchimgaon Nawab Bari, the place of only lady Jaminder Nawab Faizunnesa, a poet, educationist and a philanthropist. The district is bounded on the north by Brahmanbaria district, on the east by India, on the south by Feni and Noakhali district and on the west by Narayanganj, Munshiganj and Chandpur districts. Comilla is bordered by Brahmanbaria and Narayanganj districts to the north, Noakhali and Feni districts to the south, Tripura of India to the east and Munshiganj and Chandpur districts to the west. Various archaeological relics including images and metalled utensils discovered from these viharas, muras and palaces are now preserved in the Mainamati Museum. According to historians, Buddhist Deva dynasty ruled the region from the seventh to the middle of the eighth century. This district was established as Tripura district in 1790. Besides Joypur, encounters between the freedom fighters and the Pak army were held at Champak Nagar, Ghagutia, Nilakhi Bazar, Dulal Bazar, Homna Sadar and Panchabati of Homna upazila in which about 23 freedom fighters were killed and 24 were wounded. It is bounded by Burchiganj and Tripura on the north, Laksham and Chauddagram on the south, and Barura on the west. The area also saw the development of Comilla Model.[16]. Five freedom fighters were killed in an encounter with the Pak army at Payalgachha Bat-tali of Barura upazila on 10 September. The name Comilla is the old name of the headquarter town of the district. Besides, the Pak army brutally killed 5-7 innocent persons of Comilla Sadar Dakshin upazila. Later the Pak army established camps at nearby villages of Chandla and Saitshala and killed more than one hundred persons and buried them in mass graves. On 28 November, the freedom fighters captured the Pak military camp located at Jagannath Dighi of Chauddagram upazila. Marks of War of Liberation Mass killing site 5 (Bhuiya Bari of Uttar Chandla and house of Prabad Kumar Das of Dakshin Chandla, Puira Bridge on the east of Chandina High School, on the north west corner of Chandina Hospital, Sahapara Bridge on the south of Daudkandi police station); Mass grave 12 (Harimangal Pukur Par adjacent to the Brahmanpara Railway line, Kashimpur Shashan (cremation centre) of Chandina, Mahichail Baroipara and Kongai Barabari, at a place near the Homna Degree College, Narayanpur near Bat-tali of Barura, Debidwar Thana Sadar, Paschimgaon, Laksam Bidi Factory and Laksam Railway Junction, Parikot of Nangalkot and Tejer Bazar, Hasnabad of Manoharganj); Memorial monument 4. In the month of July an encounter was held between the Pak army and the freedom fighters at village Madaripur of Comilla Sadar Dakshin in which a number of people from both sides were killed or wounded. Extinct or nearly extinct crops Linseed, sesame, sweet potato, china and kaun. Newspapers and periodicals Daily: Rupasi Bangla (1972), Comilla Batra, Bangladesh, Shiranam; Weekly: Amod (1955), Abhibhadan (1994), Laksam Batra, Nirikkhan, Natunpatra, Samayatra (1967), Sangbad, Monthly Manan, Pathakbatra, Mainamati, Barura Kantha, Crime Report; Fortnightly: Brahmanpara Burichang; Defunct: Tripura Patrika (1876), Tripura (1932), Weekly Hindu (1941), Tripura Guide (1934), Natun Alo, Pratinidhi, Tripura Hitoishi (1883), Rayatbandhu (1921), Niamat (1940), Sabuj Bangla, Tripura Gyan Prakashani (1860), Tripura Bandhav (1942), Kathak (1983), Rangdhanu, Najat, Abahaman, Daradi (1938), Yogisammalani (1912), Comilla Sahitya Parishad Patrika (1985), Mainamati (1965), Purbasha, Shikhak Sruida, Alo, Chirkut (1974), Robi (1924), Tarun (1938), Samskriti (1940), Jagriti (1951), Apan Parichaya.

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