3.2 Network Protocols and Standards • Explain the role of protocols and standards organizations in facilitating interoperability in network communications. 2145. This document describes both protocols directly supported by TI, as well as several other protocols supported by third party partners. Communications Protocol Rocky Reach Project No.
3.1 Rules of Communication • Explain how rules facilitate communication. In addition, the audience, frequency, and suggested communication … Chelan PUD intends to update all reference files on a weekly basis. The PRU-ICSS is flexible and powerful enough to support most industrial communications protocols. The Communication Protocol outlines the types of information to be communicated to the organization, as well as identifying the person(s) responsible for communicating particular topics.

• Describe the types of rules that are necessary to successfully communicate. 2145 July 2, 1999 (Revised March 6, 2001) Page 3 SS/1145rr additional hard copies should clearly indicate the document name, date, and FERC Project No. This document is not a comprehensive list of all possible protocols that can be supported by the PRU-ICSS.

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