She was Manchu, the ethnic minority in power since the 1600s, and her heritage kept her feet from being bound, a tradition of China’s ethnic majority, the Han. Liwan kuanglan: Wuxu zhengbian xintan 力挽狂瀾:戊戌政變新探 [Containing the furious waves: a new view of the 1898 coup]. She managed to impose her authority in spite of the inferior position the strict court protocol gave to women: The widowed empress presided over meetings from behind a screen, as the ministers were not supposed to see her. "[61], On 4 November 2008, forensic tests concluded that the Guangxu Emperor died from acute arsenic poisoning. Having discussed the matters, Prince Gong and his colleagues would seek the instruction of the Empresses Dowager at audiences and imperial orders would be drawn up accordingly, with drafts having to be approved by the Empresses Dowager before edicts were issued. 4], [Professor Sui Lijuang: Lecture Room Series on Cixi, Episode 9], Yang Shenxiu, "Shandong dao jiancha yushi Yang Shenxiu zhe" 山東道監察御史楊深秀摺 [Palace memorial by Yang Shenxiu, Investigating Censor of Shandong Circuit], in, Song Bolu, "Zhang Shandong dao jiancha yushi Song Bolu zhe" 掌山東道監察御史宋伯魯摺 [Palace memorial by Song Bolu, Investigating Censor in charge of the Shandong Circuit], in. The Tongzhi Emperor received a rigorous education from four famous teachers of Cixi's own choosing: Li Hongzao, Qi Junzao, Weng Xincun, and Woren. He came to power at age 18 in 1850, the same year that widespread famine caused the Taiping Rebellion, a massive peasant uprising in the southern provinces. He was appointed Prince-Regent and his eldest daughter was made a first rank princess, a title usually bestowed only on the Empress's first-born daughter. With his increasing stature, Prince Gong was considered a threat to Cixi and her power. In November 1861, a few days following the Xinyou Coup, Cixi was quick to reward Prince Gong for his help. [58], Once back in the palace, Cixi implemented sweeping political reforms. Weng Tonghe observed that while the emperor dealt with day-to-day administration, the Grand Councilors would give their advice in more complex cases, and in the most complex cases of all, the advice of Cixi was sought. The empress's grandfather, Prince Zheng, was one of the eight regents ousted from power in the Xinyou Coup of 1861. Although her official title was "Empress Dowager Ci'an", she was popularly known as the "East Empress Dowager" because she lived in the eastern Zhongcui Palace. Shortly after the accession of the Guangxu Emperor, Cixi fell severely ill.[21] This rendered her largely inaccessible to her young nephew and had the result of leaving Ci'an to attend to most of the affairs of state. Cixi, then known then as Concubine Yi, worked together with Zhen on a plan to launch a coup. They recommended that Dong Fuxiang be given responsibility to continue the war effort. Photograph by AKG/Album. The Xianfeng Emperor and his entourage, including Cixi, fled Beijing to Rehe Province (around present-day Chengde, Hebei). Li agreed to sign the Boxer Protocol, which stipulated the presence of an international military force in Beijing and the payment of £67 million (almost $333 million) in war reparations. His reform proposals won over Guangxu, but Cixi mistrusted him. In Beijing, many of the legation women turned out to watch the procession from the Beijing railway station to the Forbidden City, and for the first time, commoners were permitted to watch as well. Cixi had two prominent officials executed to serve as examples for others: Qingying, a military shilang who had tried to bribe his way out of demotion, and He Guiqing, then Viceroy of Liangjiang, who fled Changzhou in the wake of an incoming Taiping army instead of trying to defend the city. "Tomb of Quietude"), where the Xianfeng Emperor is buried, is located west of the Dingdongling. She embarked on a second wave of modernization, introducing electricity and coal mining. She survived a number of crises, including the Boxer Rebellion, which ended in a defeat for China at the hands of a foreign coalition in 1901. [17] Cixi was especially alarmed at the liberal thinking of people who had studied abroad, and noted that it posed a new threat to her power. The imperial treasury was almost depleted at the time from internal strife and foreign wars, and as a result, the Tongzhi Emperor asked the Board of Finance to forage for the necessary funds. The Xianfeng Emperor's heir, the son of Noble Consort Yi (Empress Dowager Cixi), was only five years old. The Tongzhi Emperor made two important policy decisions during his short stint of rule, which lasted from 1873 to 1875. According to research by Professor Lei Chia-sheng (雷家聖),[37] during the Hundred Days' Reform, former Japanese Prime Minister Itō Hirobumi arrived in China on 11 September 1898. Ambassador to China, to have her portrait painted by American artist Katharine Carl for the St. Louis World's Fair. This portrait of Cixi captures some of the complexities of her story. Many of Cixi's advisers in the imperial court insisted that the war against the foreigners be continued. In November 1894, Cixi celebrated her 60th birthday. In 1886, he attended his first field plowing ceremony and began commenting on imperial state documents. "China under the Empress Dowager", Zhang, Zhan. Prince Gong had suggested that Sushun and others be executed by the most painful method, known as slow slicing ("death by a thousand cuts"), but Cixi declined the suggestion and ordered that Sushun be beheaded, while the other two also marked for execution, Zaiyuan and Duanhua, were given pieces of white silk for them to hang themselves with. In September 1860, during the closing stages of the Second Opium War, the British diplomatic envoy Harry Parkes was arrested along with other hostages, who were tortured and executed. Cixi died in November 1908, only one day after Guangxu, whom many believe she had poisoned to ensure the weak sovereign would stay out of power. Uneasy about the Tongzhi Emperor's neglect of national affairs, the emperor's uncles Prince Gong and Prince Chun, along with other senior court officials, submitted a joint memorandum asking the emperor to cease the construction of the Summer Palace, among other recommendations. However, Cixi avoided giving Prince Gong the absolute political power that princes such as Dorgon exercised during the Shunzhi Emperor's reign. This consolidated her power, and she served as the de facto leader of the vast Qing Empire from 1861 until her death in 1908. The regents did not appreciate Cixi's interference in political affairs, and their frequent confrontations with the Empresses Dowager left Empress Dowager Ci'an frustrated. Among them was Prince Gong, who had been excluded from power, yet harboured great ambitions, and Prince Chun, the sixth and seventh brothers of the Xianfeng Emperor, respectively. At the time, three prominent Han Chinese officials, Zeng Guofan, Li Hongzhang and Zuo Zongtang, had all begun industrial programs in the country's southern regions; Cixi not only supported their endeavors, but also decreed the opening of the School of Combined Learning in 1862, a school for foreign languages in Beijing. In 1894, Cixi degraded Consort Zhen, citing intervention in political affairs as the main reason. Her family were most likely government employees.

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