Smrgol explains that dragons need gemstones to breath fire, and rob dwarf mines to get the gems. This is a notable change from how Peter solved problems earlier in the film, as up till now he relied far too much on the brute strength of his new dragon body without thinking of tactics. Peter returns to the modern day world and sells a shield he got on his adventure (and brought with him to the future… somehow, yes it’s a tiny plothole, hush) to fund his game and book. Released the same year as the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was first aired, It poses the question of whether we should live in a world of magic. Smrgol is a dragon character and Gorbash's uncle from The Flight of Dragons book and film. Melisande even connects with him in this, as she shows knowledge of dragon biology that proves to be illuminating: “Because dragons tend to ignite ordinary bedding, they find a soft metal to sleep on, and gold proves most comfortable for them.”  She helps Peter realize that his rational questions aren’t out of place, and that there is a reason behind the workings of these fantastical creatures. Carolinus is understandably horrified: “The worlds of magic and logic must exist side by side, not destroy each other!”  The wizard tries to warn the farmers of their insensitivity, and their result adds another layer to the conflict. It’s kind of a heady question for what is ostensibly a kid’s film, but it’s presented in a way that I feel lets kids engage the topic without getting confused. While dragons may be imaginary, they can nonetheless be replicated by science. It’s Peter’s job to defeat Ommedon. To drive this home, Carolinus points out the importance of this detail: “You [Peter] are unique – a man with one foot in the realm of magic, and the other in the realm of science.”  Carolinus’s respect for Peter continues to grow when the modern man suggests drinking milk to deal with his ulcer – a problem no magic spell has managed to solve for the old wizard.

Peter is sort of the bridge between the two books this film is based on. (this fight is also one of the reasons I’ve considered dragons and ogres to be mortal enemies since childhood). Dragons “soar past reality,” sure, but they also “leave illusion behind.”  The movie posites that Fantasy is neither fully real nor fully divorced from reality, but nestled between the two. We imagine what doesn’t exist so that it can become – and if we imagine a better world, perhaps that can help us find a way to make our world better.

As a D&D player myself, it’s an excellent visual metaphor for how the game transports you to another world via your imagination. In addition to all that, it has this wonderful meditation on the purpose of fantasy in a world that is decidedly not fantastical.
The heroes are then cursed with despair, which only Peter resists before using a magic shield to repel it, which admittedly is less in the “using your wits” camp of problem solving and more in the “use a mcguffin” camp, but y’know, points for thinking still. 23 Stunning Dragon Statues You Can Buy Right Now! These legendary creatures continue to enthrall people since they were first included in folkloric tales in ancient times. With all the others dead, we are left with a final confrontation between Ommadon and Peter. Eventually our heroes get to the one place all adventurers must visit when questing through a vaguely Medieval European fantasy land: an inn. He is an evil S.O.B. “There was a time between the waning age of enchantment and the dawning age of logic when dragons flew the skies, free and unencumbered.”  While the world of the movie is filled with dragons, wizards, and other fantastical beasts, it’s also a world that is seeing the rise of technology, and one that, ultimately, is subject to the rules of science and rationality. The group gathers three more allies from here on out: Aragh, a talking wolf that has been returned to life to help our heroes, Daniel, a beautiful archer who is smitten with Orin, and Giles, an elf. Notably, the dragons are neither purely beautiful or ugly – they’re big, scaly creatures with bloated bodies, but there’s a grace and majesty to them alongside it. But fantasy films have always captivated audiences of all ages. It’s a pretty badass moment, but sadly we don’t have the budget for a battle scene with an army of dragons, so Giles plays a flute to put all the dragons – Peter included – to sleep. It also stresses on the sorrow of forgoing the fantasies of youth and delving deeper into the world of science.

The Flight of Dragons was the first theatrically released animated film for James Earl Jones who went on to voice the unforgettable character of Mufasa in The Lion King (1994). Still, it packs a lot of adventure, fantasy, and romance to satisfy viewers for years to come. Infuriated at these failures, Ommadon orders Bryagh to set out with the title: A FLIGHT OF DRAGONS! One complaint audiences seem to have is that it’s maybe a bit too clichéd and predictable with no real twists and turns in the plot. All in all, the film provides an enjoyable viewing experience for the entire family and it may inspire your children's love of fantasy films. The tying of dragon fire to dragon flight is important, as they’re the two most fantastical elements of the dragon. Why are we drawn to them? One of the classics in the world of fantasy films is the 1982 animated flick The Flight of Dragons. Despite all that, the plot is far from being simplistic. ( Log Out / 

“I’ll teach man to use his machines!
After this we finally get a proper introduction to Sir Orin, the much talked about third member of the questing party. This further establishes Bryagh’s malevolence by showing him to be a child-eating cannibal: “He began to sup on the next generation as it were,” according to Orin. When the opening montage closes, Carolinus and his companion dragon, Gorbash, stop by a farmer’s mill just in time to see a swan and several fairies get crushed by the water wheel. He then basically uses chemistry to figure out how to kill the giant worm creating the acid, saving his alles from death by worm. While Peter is understandably awed by encountering a dragon, he is more flustered when he sees Melisande, who he conceived as his dream woman when making his board game. Though he gets few lines in the movie, every word out of Bryagh’s mouth is violent and cruel. This is when shit starts to get real for our heroes, as we  get a lot of build up for another powerful minion of Ommadon’s that lives near this border: the Ogre of Gormley Keep. And whenever man needs magic, we will be here.”  Melisande persists in her request, and, with some regret, Carolinus agrees to help her. But it will stay through the years, the centuries, and the ages, a part of man for all time. Smrgol, despite being older and weaker, jumps into the fray to save Peter, shouting, “Hey you, let that schoolboy go!”  Despite only knowing Peter for a few days, Smrgol has clearly warmed up to him, and he notably uses cleverness and misdirection to destroy the ogre – classic serpent tactics, and also the strengths Peter has that he has forgotten to use in the brutish body of the dragon. It suddenly occurs to me that a lot of the movies I saw as a child featured nuclear annihilation and giant fire breathing reptiles.

Old Smrgol joins the others in watching over his dragon nephew, showing genuine paternal worry for the younger dragon. (Look, if you don’t track this movie down after reading this, at least watch the video in that hyperlink for some quality James Earl Jones voice acting, you will thank me for it.) Between several almost comical blunders as well as several more genuinely astounding blows, Orin wins by keeping Bryagh from releasing gas before using his metal gauntlet to set off the dragon’s “Thor Thimble” (i.e. “The world, though it does not realize it, cannot live without magic!” Carolinus argues, going on to list all the ways magical creatures inspire man.

“I’ll teach him how to fly like a fairy,” Ommadon continues as we see a warplane bomber take off into the air, dropping an atom bomb that explodes into a mushroom cloud, or as Ommadon calls it, “The ultimate answer to all his science can ask!”  Where Carolinus sees the potential for wonder among man’s inventions, Ommadon only sees its potential for death and ruin, a potential that his magic’s nefarious inspiration will thrive within. Ommadon does not accept defeat easily, reminding Peter, “Deny me, and you deny all magic!”  To do away with the evils of imagination – lies, superstition, deceit – Peter must also admit the pleasures of it are equally insubstantial. While chatting with Peter about their shared affection for Melisande, Sir Orin recounts the story of Gorbash’s birth, where he discovers a nest of dragon eggs that Bryagh sets down to devour.

Later Carolinus shows Peter his library of unwritten books – that is, books that have not been written yet. Smrgol is a dragon from the 1982 film The Flight of Dragons. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. From the dragon’s thick skin inspiring armor and tanks, to the flight of fairies inspiring airplanes, to even wizards like Carolinus inspiring television and film with their crystal balls, magic – the impossible, the superstitious, the nonexistent creations of imagination – inspires invention. Though he is a villain, Ommadon is the first to bring up the question of a solution to their conflict: “So what are you going to do, sit around like a bunch of old nannies and let it happen?”  Carolinus rises to the challenge, suggesting the creation of a Magic Realm, or, as Ommadon puts it, “A foolish retirement village.”. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We start off this segment with the movie that defined my love of the Fantasy genre: the 1982 Rankin Bass animated classic, The Flight of Dragons.

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