Katie locked herself in the bathroom, cursing Ully for the skunk perfume that clearly didn.t work. The human thought herself unwanted, except by Darkyn, who had done more to help her than Gabriel thought possible. She turned and all but fled the rooftop, cursing herself for her weakness and the tears in her eyes. She learned it gladly when she discovered that she could herself read what she had written; and this still affords her constant pleasure. Yully shoved Jule fully into the passenger seat of her car and ran to the driver's side, throwing herself into her seat. After a thick moment of silence, she forced herself to continue. Kiera blinked and forced herself to pay attention.

She tried to tell herself it was the alcohol scattering her thoughts and not the growing feeling of respect or concern she felt toward him. His only comment of note was that Patsy, while obviously exhausted, seemed especially cheerful— "pleased with herself" was how he'd described her. Her erotic dreams were proof that he was becoming more than a friend to her, and that thought was troubling - both from the standpoint of her goals, and the fact that she was setting herself up for rejection. Katie braced herself for a storage room full of military uniforms and was surprised to see what looked much like a women's department section. CK 1 887067 She devoted herself to him. Well, if it’s reflexive, then the object of the verb (myself/herself) is the same person as the subject: I accidentally shot myself in the foot. At his disappointed expression, she gave herself an attitude adjustment. This is the British English definition of herself.View American English definition of herself.

She drew herself up haughtily. She raced forward through the men, not caring what they thought, and flung herself into Mansr's arms with enough force to drive him back a step. She relaxed and sank into the soft leather seats of the Town Car, telling herself she was being granted a chance to be normal. 1. Seems to me Martha's pretty sharp and can take care of herself pretty well. : 3. herself in a sentence - Use "herself" in a sentence 1. Even when she knew she was dreaming, she couldn.t wake herself up or shake the fear that this time, Rhyn wasn.t going to come. She took his hand but didn't introduce herself. "I have a better scenario," Cynthia said as she poured herself a cup of coffee and joined them. The trail was narrow enough that she found herself running into his frame or leaning against him. One old frequenter of these woods remembers, that as he passed her house one noon he heard her muttering to herself over her gurgling pot--"Ye are all bones, bones!". She has a very sociable disposition, and delights in the companionship of those who can follow the rapid motions of her fingers; but if left alone she will amuse herself for hours at a time with her knitting or sewing. Kiera lowered the shirt, glad she'd never convinced herself to remove the band. Dozing after his insatiable passion, she roused herself when one of Gabriel's hands moved down her body. Chilled by the cold ocean wind, Deidre pressed herself against his warm body. 3. How to use herself in a sentence. Examples of how to use the word 'herself' in a sentence. 2. Sofia turned off the shower and dried herself before opening the door between the small bathroom and the bedroom. The only person who can keep him away is Edith herself and it doesn't look to me as if she has the sense to do so. Yully finished readying herself and stepped outside the room. She sympathized with these poor people because of the way she herself had suffered. 2. The word ‘himself’ is a reflexive pronoun and is used for emphasizing when the object and the subject are the same. She screamed at herself silently, afraid he meant to walk out the door forever. Cautiously she moved forward, allowing herself a peek at this amalgam of evil, this seducer of virgins, who had so ravaged her body. She reminded herself if he did, he wouldn't be holding her. she forced herself to ask to keep hysterics from claiming her. She almost scolded him before stopping herself.

She cried again, snuffling and wiping at her nose before she pushed herself off the chair.

She let herself think what she'd do, if she had the choice between the two.

Kris had assigned her a babysitter and ordered her to spray herself down with the skunk spray so she wouldn.t draw any unwanted attention. If she's so rich, why did she only book one room for herself and the boy?

Deidre almost rolled her eyes but stopped herself. She shut off the shower and wrung out her hair, then wrapped herself in the thick towel. Deidre pushed herself up to see his face. The soft bed was warm from her body heat, and she found herself running a hand over the downy comforter while she tried to understand the emotions within her. It was evident to the dogs, the hunters, and to the wolf herself that all was now over. He neared the closet, and she pushed herself back into the clothing. Indeed, her whole body is so finely organized that she seems to use it as a medium for bringing herself into closer relations with her fellow creatures. Yully rose and dressed herself, preparing herself mentally to tell Jule she had to leave him. Katie cringed at his over the top décor of gilded everything and oriented herself. She closed her eyes and braced herself for another. Food had become an overlooked stranger, and she'd found herself leaving her studio only for the bathroom and the bedroom. He wasn't the first man she had kissed and she had never considered herself promiscuous with other men. Again she found herself hoping Gabriel took her soon. She couldn't bring herself to say what they'd done. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Against all expectations she was enjoying, She felt nervous increasingly lacking in confidence about, 'Yellowstone' Season 3 Episode 8: Monica uses, For example, some Irish people use “himself” and “herself” to refer to an important person like a boss, the head of the household, or in old times the lord of the castle.

Deidre hugged herself and padded down the hallway, her heart flipping in her chest. Even if she couldn't kill the next swordsman that came for her, she could buy herself some time. Evelyn hugged herself before looking down at the massive diamond on her ring finger. Bracing herself, she stepped into the hallway. Cynthia busied herself with the notebook once again. She told herself he'd gotten there after she'd wrapped the towel around her. Again she had abandoned morality and shamed herself in front of him. She slept until the edge of her fatigue was gone before borrowing his neatly folded clothing and making herself a huge pancake and egg midday breakfast. She couldn't run, couldn't move and she tried hard to convince herself to pass out as the garage door was wrenched open. Myself , yourself , himself . One arm looped around her and she braced herself against his chest, vaguely realizing that --by not refusing him the day before --he'd taken her response as a blank check. 4. Deidre braced herself for his violent reaction or words.
Again she had allowed herself to be put in a precarious situation. She is very fond of children younger than herself, and a baby invariably calls forth all the motherly instincts of her nature. Instead, she forced herself to leave and find something to do. When the phone rang for the fourth time, Dean assumed it was either a call for reservations or more discussion on the upcoming New Jersey wedding plans, but Cynthia held the phone against herself and called to her husband. When the meal was over, Martha excused herself to leave.

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