Since moved to the city the lawn folks call it crab grass. any kind of weather.

Landscaping Ideas: How to Stabilize a Steep Slope, What to Use When the Grass on a Hill Won't Grow, Landscaping Network: Erosion Control for Residential Hillsides, State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Compost Center: Compost Uses for Lake Shores and Riverbanks, Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association: Planting a Slope -- Tips and Plant Suggestions, University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Erosion and Sediment Control. Too bad they haven’t cross bred that durability into regular lawn grass. What Can I Do With an Eroding Hillside on My Land? The method is called Interbay Mulch, named after the community garden in Seattle where it was developed. Burlap helps keep soil and other materials in place on a slope, but only to a point. Burlap covers the mulch but is also a part of the habitat cultivating a rich variety of fungi and providing a home for beetles, spiders, worms and the like.

Recycling old burlaps bags into the garden helps cut down on waste. Plants like figs, hydrangeas, and boxwood all love a cozy warm wrapping of burlap.

A million thanks for the interbay mulch explanation. The wrapping doesn’t necessarily keep them warmer, it just protects them fro the desiccating cold winter wind. How clever!!! These burlap covers will also prevent a light frost from settling on plants, helping you to extend the growing season a bit longer. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever.

:D. This is such a timely post. I don’t think it would be good for starting seeds.

Burlap is an attractive and affordable substitute.

It is said that it would be difficult to improve on this method for its effectiveness.

Still dealing with our old house…hoping we are about a month away from the market. The gardener merely spreads a several-inch mixture of nitrogen-based material such as garden and kitchen debris, cut grass or blood meal and carbon-based material such as leaves, hay and straw onto the ground.
Or rather, what will be left behind in 2019. . Burlap, when cut into large swaths and held in place with stakes, can help by providing interim soil stabilization on the slope.

Generally, they are either not worthy of a million dollars or have already been done. Whether it's the hottest fashion and style pieces that people are buying or the most popular ways to redo your kitchen, trends come and go over the years.And as we near the end of yet another decade, experts are already looking towards what the roaring twenties will bring. Burlap also comes in handy to protect the root balls of plants while you move them, especially if you can’t replant them right away.

If the burlap burns, it’s natural jute and can remain in place; if it melts, it is synthetic and must be removed. You can plant on a slope that has burlap by cutting holes in the material and putting plants in the soil beneath the holes. The first year of new garden weed clean up has been a great success. She was appauled that many brides were having “country” weddings and using burlap as placemates or tableclothes, remarking, “Nothing says ‘thanks for sharing in the most important day of my life’ like sending your guests home with arsenic all over their Sunday Best.” :) Now i bet i know who plastered “Fluoride is Poison” stickers all over town. A coarsely woven burlap can be used to hold newly sown seeds in place on the slope; they will sprout between the burlap's weave and be protected from erosion. when they are sown. So if you have a tricky area like a stone pathway you can artificially design a “garden” around that area using coffee sacks. After wetting it thoroughly, the gardener places a heavy burlap layer over the organic material and waters it. Polypropylene is a plastic that will eventually shred. Although these coconut liners are natural and look attractive, they can cost more than $20 for large diameter pots. There is some confusion about how to treat these balled and burlapped trees at planting time. Why these would need to be in burlap is a mystery.

Plants are drawn to any sunlight they can find.

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