She is present when Lilo sees the aliens off, and comforts her younger sister as they fly off into space. Snow White | Bandersnatch | Great Prince of the Forest | Louis the Alligator | She carries the burden of supporting herself and her younger sister both financially and parentally. Lucy Pevensie | Gosalyn Mallard | Wilbur Robinson | E. Honda | Gepetto | The BFG |

Dusty Crophopper | Huckleberry Finn | Data-Riku | She is said to be 19 years old in the first film.

Wynnchel and Duncan | Yar | Copper |

Disney Princesses (

Wolf | Lady | Sharpay Evans | Lilo and Stitch Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Mother Cougar | Jim Craig | The Sultan (2019) | Data-Sora, Main Characters: Stitch | Lilo Pelekai | Jumba Jookiba | Pleakley | Nani Pelekai | David Kawena | Gantu | Reuben | Yuna Kamihara | Wang Ai Ling Naturally, she is usually very busy and under a great deal of stress.

Robin Hood | Data-Roxas | Rolly | Madellaine | Roquefort | Gopher | She frequently has to cope with and clean up after the various crises which involve Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley (who often tries to help around the house, with mixed results). Bagheera | Ocean |

Bridget the Giraffe | Enemies Ludwig Von Drake | Christmas: A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas • Disney Christmas Stories • World of Color: Season of Light, TV series: Mr. Wong • Mrs. Edmonds • Aunt Stacy • Officer Kahiko • Keoni Jameson • Mr. Jameson • Victoria • Mrs. Pleakley • Pixley Pleakley • Bertley Pleakley • Charles and Mary • Mitzi Suzuki and Kato Stewart • Merwin and Dean • Ellen and Lona • Zach Mackillin • Ringmaster • Mayor Anolo • Nicolé • Dr. Gladys Okra • Sara • Mr. Cooper • Chaps, Manny, and Sperk • Mortlegax Ryan | Silvermist | Faline | Brain | Hiro Hamada | Surfboard rental clerk In the original movie, Nani is shown to have a. Jasmine |

Robe |

Nani appears in the film, having become Lilo's sole guardian after their parents' recent death. Kenai | Sergeant Tibbs |

Santa Claus |

Q*bert, Sugar Rush Racers Hua Mulan, Other Animated Movies Benny the Squirrel | John Silver |

Nani's the older sister of Lilo Pelekai, and after Nani and Lilo's parents were unexpectedly killed in a car accident one night during a rain storm, Nani, as Lilo's closest living relative and due to being a legal adult, was appointed as her legal guardian. Sarafina (2019) | Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad | Nick Parker |

Eddie Valiant |

Neewa | She is Nani's much younger sister. Mrs. Jumbo |

Mr. and Mrs. Pelekai were characters mentioned in the 2002 Disney animated feature film Lilo& Stitch as the late parents of Nani and Lilo. She first appeared in Lilo & Stitch, and has been voiced by Tia Carrere in most of her appearances. Grace | Eeyore | Peter Pevensie | If this truly is indeed the case, then that would make their connection to the song "Aloha ʻOe" that much more meaningful, as they, as a whole, represent the last Queen of Hawaii, the one who wrote the song. Maui | Finally, near the end of the film, she wore a white shirt with red sleeves, blue jean shorts, tan boots and socks. Magic Carpet (2019) | Will Turner | Peter Pan | (anime), where she is a fully grown adult with her daughter named Ani, who looks exactly like she did as a child. Mufasa (2019) | Spring:Disney's Easter Wonderland • Disney's Spring Promenade • Fashionable Easter Captain Gantu (formerly), Dr. Hämsterviel Bruton | Esmeralda | Annie James | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne |

Dottie | Tito | Shank | Lance Strongbow | Frank Wilson | Sebastian | Although she has become even more eccentric due to the death of her parents. By the end of the series, Lilo's ohana includes "Uncle" Jumba and "Aunt" Pleakley, David, Cobra Bubbles, the Grand Councilwoman, all 626 (627 is dehydrated, although it could be argued that he still counts) of Stitch's "Cousins", Victoria, Mrs. Hasagawa, Gantu and finally, Mertle and eventually Keoni, Gantu, Reuben, and even Dr Hamsterviel. The Emperor of China | Sophie | Rapunzel |

Sara Evers | Rafiki (2019) | George of the Jungle | Baloo | Marianne | Katrina Van Tassel | Goofy | When Lilo expresses worry over Stitch and notes that she's been trying to contact him, Nani notes that she'll need intergalactic technology in order to do so, which gives Lilo the idea to form an alliance with Stitch's cousin, Reuben to use his ship's contact computer.

She initially worked as a Rental Hut worker, but later moved up to rental pavilion worker at the Birds of Paradise Hotel under Mr. Jameson. Ki | Ani Pelekai is Lilo Pelekai's daughter seen in Stitch!.She looks exactly like Lilo when she was her age to the point that Stitch fully believed she was Lilo until her mother appeared. Daveigh Chase as Lilo Pelekai, an … Forest Animals | Jock | Pistol Pete | Horace Horsecollar | He makes several attempts to treat Nani on a date, only to meet rejection due to her busy schedule. Lilo has a spirited and highly eccentric personality. Jaq and Gus | Waylon and Floyd | In the original movie, Nani is shown to have a. Milo's Mother | Willie the Whale | The Prince |

Madame Upanova | Because of this, she went home early before Nani showed up which led Cobra to believe Nani was irrisponsible. As a result of her stress, Nani is easily aggravated by Lilo and Stitch's antics, which often unfortunately interfere with her ability to find and hold a stable job. Trusty | Nani is seen after Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley return from the Galactic Federation with awards for the successful extraction of the 625 experiments. Te Fiti | Nikki | Street Party • Mickey's Storybook Express • Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Ariel | Lady Kluck | Aladdin (2019) |

However, when they freed all the other experiments, they were captured. This character article is a stub. They also come to discover the secret to dissolving the bind created by Link, which they use to help Lilo and Mertle. Kida | Then when she, Lilo, Stitch and David were surfing, she wore a two-piece blue bikini strip. Wendy Darling | Pecos Bill | Nani is known for her inability to hold down a full-time job, due in part to the antics of Lilo and Stitch. Angelique | Ray the Firefly |

Alex Kupershmidt served as the supervising animator for Stitch. Water Rat |

Bubbles for help. Snow White | Blanky |

Cammy White | Merida | Powers/Skills She knows how to whistle as seen in the episodes Drowsy and  Clip. Fauna | Books: Disney's Wonderful World of Reading • Comic Zone Volume 1: Disney's Lilo & Stitch• Tono & Stitch, Entertainment: Disney's Showtime Spectacular • Disney's Wishes • Fantasmic! Mushu | Aggie Cromwell | Baker | The King | Parade: Disney's Dreams On Parade: Moving On • Flights of Fantasy Parade • Happiness is Here Parade • Jubilation!

Bambi | Aurora (2014) | White Queen | Monker Muddlefoot | Beast | To answer these questions both from a real world perspective and an in-universe one: * Film and franchise: The film was released on June 21, 2002, so this makes it at least seventeen years old as of this writing. Ethan | Experiments: Reuben • Sparky • Jam • Digger • Mary • Huggo • Slimy • Richter • Phantasmo • Clip • Mr. Stenchy • Spooky • Holio • Cannonball • Gigi • Yin • Yang • Kixx • Splodyhead • Amnesio • Swirly • Fibber • Tank • Sprout • Elastico • Yaarp • 627 • Deforestator • Zap • Topper • Melty • Houdini • Fudgy • Sinker • Nosy • Finder • Slushy • Dupe • Heat • Thresher • Plasmoid • Hammerface • Shortstuff • Angel • Felix • Poxy • Hunkahunka • Sample • Babyfier • Bonnie • Clyde • Slugger • Drowsy • Spike • Squeak • Frenchfry • Swapper • Shoe • Backhoe • Poki • Slick • Skip • Clink • Checkers • PJ • Ploot • Snooty • Retro • Belle • Morpholomew • Spats • Heckler • Wishy-Washy • Phoon • Bugby • Shush • Lax • Remmy • Doubledip • Gotchu • Forehead • Hocker • Zawp • Mulch • Shredder • Pix • Boomer • Manners • Woody • Wrapper • Blowhard • Derrick • Ace • Glitch • Woops • Snafu • Nosox • Stamen • Tickle-Tummy • Link • Leroy • Cloudy • Stopgo • Splat • Sproing • Kernel • Carmen • Chopsuey • Cyber • Shrink • Bragg • Mrs. Sickly • Pop • Dorkifier • Wormhole • Toons • Hertz Donut • Welco • Lorider • Witch • Sproutling • Skunkuna • Dark End Lilo also appears at the Walt Disney Parks And Resorts for meet and greets. Baboons | Patch | Arthur Pendragon | When Stitch lost his destructive personality, he left and took the book The Ugly Duckling with him. Michael Darling | Georgette | She loves Lilo devotedly, but does not always understand her. Nani often serves as a gentle voice of reason and advice in the films and show — and occasionally, not so gentle. Timon | She is Nani's much younger sister. Ron Wilson |

However, Lilo notices that they really do want their dream rewards and Nani convinces her that she's doing the right thing and showing "aloha spirit" by letting them go. Though Lilo technically owns Stitch by Hawaiian state law, the relationship between the two is more like siblings and best friends. Lampy |

Denahi | Zero (Holes) | Rabbit | Nani Pelekai Mittens | John Carter | Thunderbolt | Halloween Parade • Scream and Shout Halloween Parade Vitani | King Louie | Djali | Tia Carrere

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