To do this, and to stave off the threat of her destroying or devouring his male characteristics, he makes a bargain. The future figures mostly in highly charged, emotional intentions (good and bad), and needy or imperious instructions, rather than straightforward claims or rational predictions. While he claims to be like William Blake in singing the ‘Songs of Experience’, which focus on evil and corruption, it’s noticeable that he omits mention of the ‘Songs of Innocence’ and the simple, unencumbered view of life they represent. And it’s ongoing, any victory being provisional since each side is being constantly renewed both in the narrator’s own person and through future generations. In the first verse the narrator says: ‘I’ll lose my mind if you don’t come with me,’. So, with Bob comfortably contradicting himself, we may let ‘I Contain Multitudes’ move us impressionistically, or perhaps focus in on its eclectic cast of musicians and writers quoted or cited: The Rolling Stones, Beethoven & Chopin, David Bowie (all the young dudes), Edith Piaf (The Boulevarde of Crime), Mr (Edgar Allan) Poe (Tell-Tale Heart), Anne Frank, William Blake (Songs of Experience) and see them as jumping off points for further exploration, reflection and ‘ways of looking at life’. What would Charlie Patton do?).

Share this quote: Like Quote. Plausible explanations can be conjured up, but when it takes so many words to explain, doubts start spouting out everywhere that would require perhaps as many words to explain, ie Does the song take up where Whitman left off?? I’ll pick a number between a-one and two It’s only at the end of his poem that Whitman acknowledges that the vast complexities in the makeup of a person are problematic in giving rise to contradictions. The battle can also be seen as between good and bad, and between influences associated with youth and age, life and death and the temporal and the eternal. of being devoured. There are things they said, it would seem, that he doesn’t want to drink to the truth of, even though they are true.

Very well then I contradict myself, All of the above? What he doesn’t seem aware of is that opting for the temporal shouldn’t amount to a rejection of the eternal, since the temporal continues to exist in what succeeds it, and thus is itself eternal. Both quotations suggest a romantic attachment. Whitman expresses it in Section 33 of Song of Myself: ‘And all I see multiplied as high as I can cipher edge but the rim of the farther systems’. Because it’s such an amazingly complex album, I have no doubt it’s going to take a very long time to even come near to doing justice to it. The invisible worm, An Existentialist like Nietzsche? There are a number of options which include: a) a woman addressing a man throughout, b) a woman in a dialogue with herself, c)  a man addressing a woman throughout, d) a man in dialogue with himself, e) a woman and a man at different points of the song. helps emphasise that the ‘everything’ which ‘flows all at the same time’ includes the totality of pretty maids, old queens and the narrator’s past lives.

This is a song of the Facebook and Instagram age, with the ever-elusive Dylan interweaving people, places, objects and artwork references to suggest he is a man of complexities and contradictions, directly quoting and referencing Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself – including the source of Dylan’s title: Do I contradict myself? I go right where all things lost are made good again, I sing the songs of experience like William Blake In threatening just a part of him, he is literally fighting a ‘blood feud’.

And it’s because he feels threatened that he threateningly orders her to: By the time he rudely delivers the orders: he’s so entranced by his masculinity, that he doesn’t care that this total rejection of the female is tantamount to destroying his own mind. (I am large, I contain multitudes.) Michael is a singer/guitarist, songwriter and English and Music teacher, living in Sydney after years of gigging around the world, teaching and working as a consultant in various educational settings. Dylan fans, scholars and Bobcats worldwide are undoubtedly hoping the new songs may herald a soon-to-be-released album. (Journey Through Dark Heat), You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go. At this point in time, perhaps we all do, and although Bob opens with: Today and tomorrow, and yesterday, too And I ask myself, “What would Julius Caesar do?”, If he’s run into creative trouble writing a song, he might have used the name of any of his Delta Blues musician muses in place of Julius Caeser (e.g. Themes recur from song to song. This takes ‘old queen’ to refer to a woman rather than a gay man.

Since he claims to be ‘a man of contradictions’, he may well be aware of the inconsistency.

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