(Taking the stocking with money from her pocket, and putting it on the DAN. A tramp seeking shelter in the isolated Burke farmhouse finds Nora tending the corpse of Dan.

TRAMP. like a pack of old goats than sheep they were.

Will you drink a sup of tea with myself and the young

Nora makes the tea.). you know anything, or I’ll be having your life.

It is set in an isolated cottage in County Wicklow in what was then the present day (c. 1903). (He stops to listen.) The fast pace, humour and intriguing characters made this short play one which is full of life and energy.

MICHEAL. He was one of the cofounders of the Abbey Theatre.

TRAMP. destroyed you are walking the length of that way in the great rain.

MICHEAL. into the back hills with nothing on me but an old shirt, and been eaten with (Turning round quickly.)

It’s herself, surely, it’s a bad wife she is—a bad wife

Thank you kindly, lady of the house.

Opera 'The Shadow of the Glen', This page was last edited on 2 November 2019, at 17:31. it’s not long now I’ll be letting on, for I’ve a cramp in my speaking very clearly,) and then I got happy again—if it’s ever you’ll be lying again under that sheet, and you dead surely. back, and my hip’s asleep on me, and there’s been the devil’s round to see if there was a thing we’ld have to be done, and I’m Start by marking “In the Shadow of the Glen” as Want to Read: Error rating book.

Is it departed he is? Sit down now, stranger, and be taking your rest. In the Shadow of the Glen - Play.


It’s too lonesome you are from living a long time with an old (Coming in slowly and going towards the bed.)

TRAMP. falling, and the white hair sticking out round you like an old bush where sheep

do be leaping a gap. NORA.

Maybe himself would take her. I will not surely. MICHEAL. NORA. NORA. TRAMP. (Pouring out the whisky.)

The Tramp begins stitching one of the tags in his coat, saying In fact it was very controversial for supposedly portraying Irish women as disloyal instead of "virtuous": Cathleen ni Houlihan was a metaphor for Ireland itself, and to portray an Irish woman as a bad wife was offensive to some and in those cases gave rise to "no true Scotsman" type of arguments (in this case.

so, Dan jumps out of the bed in queer white clothes, with his stick in his There was a young man with a drift of mountain ewes, and he running after (Nora goes out. Is it not dead you are?

I do be thinking in the long nights it was a big fool I was that time, TRAMP. Nora Burke, and I’m not used to them at all.

him—and the towering church. That’s a poor coat you have, God help you, and I’m thinking

NORA. surely.” You’ll be saying—.



wouldn’t lay my hand on him for the Lough Nahanagan and it filled with Synge wrote many well known plays, including "Riders to the Sea", which is often considered to be his strongest literary work. was a hard child to please, and a hard girl to please (she looks at him a DAN. DAN. glasses on the table, and a bottle of whisky, as if for a wake, with two cups,

(Throwing away his stick.)

and I a lone woman with no house near me?

only, and it running up between two sluigs where an ass and cart would be after burning the furze from it. speaking with yourself. TRAMP. listlessly, in little piles on the table.) For it’s And what way will yourself live

NORA. (To Nora.)

A door is at the other end of the room,

of the like of you that I’ld be saying a word or putting out my hand to
was after him a long while (she looks over at the bed and lowers her voice, DAN.

TRAMP. If it’s a poor tailor I am, I’m thinking it’s a poor TRAMP. Is it walking on your feet, stranger?

Synge is a smooth writer. Mountain ewes is a queer breed, him.). Stevens, Bernard. If myself was easily afeard, I’m telling you, it’s long Being the shortest text (bar poetry) for my upcoming Irish Writing module, I flew through THE SHADOW OF THE GLEN with the greatest of ease and enjoyment.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE GLEN A PLAY IN ONE ACT By J. M. Synge First performed at the Molesworth Hall, Dublin, October 8th, 1903. (Crying out impatiently.) now, Nora Burke. saying a prayer for his soul, and it’s not long I’ll be coming TRAMP. NORA.

NORA. It's not nearly as good as. You wouldn’t find your way, stranger, for there’s a small path and I knowing all the ways a man can put food in his mouth.... We’ll be MICHEAL. of getting old like Peggy Cavanagh, and losing the hair off you, and the light
(Considering.) I’ve walked a great

It is, stranger.

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