If hoarding is your thing then beware, you might have to have a clear out or hire some storage space. On the upside, we’re probably in the safest area of Los Angeles if there is a major earthquake. Exploring the possibilities of downsizing, Paul and Audrey agree to undergo the process and move to Leisureland, New Mexico, one of the most popular communities for small individuals. With all this nature and wildlife around it should be lovely! Is it just us, or is downsizing a little scary?

With a new home, you can start from a blank canvas and make it your own with new colour schemes, a new location, a dream kitchen, in fact, the world’s your oyster. After 3 years of trying to hang on to the house, it was foreclosed and we had to move out. You see there are lots of advantages to downsizing, it’s really not scary at all. Yes, so far so good. Who knew that the economy would bottom out. YES–I so agree that downsizing is a HUGE advantage for so many of us. can percocet cause erectile dysfunction. So far, I haven’t spotted any two-headed rabbits so we’re hoping our paradise in the rocks is safe. My son joined the Air Force and my daughter went away to college. In 2020 I downsized to a room in a house. That would have been fun.

Who knew? We know that our possessions will be safe. . Who knows what else we don’t know? It’s all about how you choose to react to it. In 2011, Doug and I decided to downsize. it was a sigh lol. Critters are everywhere. Downsizing is a 2017 American science fiction comedy-drama film directed by Alexander Payne, written by Payne and Jim Taylor, and starring Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, and Kristen Wiig.It tells the story of Paul and Audrey Safranek, a couple who decide to undertake a newly invented procedure to shrink their bodies so they can start a new life in an experimental community. I live down in La Quinta (near Palm Springs) but drive through your area quite a bit. the movie could top out shy of $20 million.

Hopefully your water stays safe and you continue to enjoy your area–it sounds lovely! They have BBQs, Halloween activities, Thanksgiving Feast, and Christmas with Santa Claus. Los Angeles,  CA 91304, doctor approved weight loss So far we’ve tried three different companies and they’re all crap. It’s easy to drive in to the valley or LA to do things but then we can go back up and commune with nature and forget that we live in a busy urban area. Suggestion: If you’re going to downsize, make sure you don’t move into an area that’s been nuked. ~Kathy.

I never knew the area existed before she told me about it. Go for a bungalow. Downsizing can be very cost effective, although you may have the same amount utility bills having reduced the size of your rooms, in turn, should reduce the size of your bills. Right now the site is currently owned by Boeing and they’re doing everything they can to avoid cleaning it up. There comes a time in all our lives when the kids have flown the nest and there’s just the two of you rattling around in that big empty house, that’s the time most people think about downsizing. Hi Rebecca! Please leave a comment below.

Your email address will not be published. And anyone with a collection of anything large, too. Not enjoying walking up and down the stairs every day? A couple of weeks before we were evicted a friend walked into my squatter’s palace and told me she had just moved into a community that was located way up on the rocks. Vines crawl all over the sides of our house making it look a bit like a cottage in England. Nor for unwanted junk. We have babies through seniors. I really dream of living in a place like that! best weight loss strategies Even though it was cleaned when we moved in it was still used. It is always scary to do something for the first time. Then we have to deal with the typical renter -management issues such as the fact that the management won’t let us replace or dispose of our carpet. Travel | Lifestyle | Wellness | Fashion | & more! Thank you for sharing your story! | Los Angeles, California, Guest Posts and Sponsored Content – Writing Guidelines. He hadn’t been in the networking loop because he’d been too busy steadily working. vitamin supplements for weight loss Downsizing might sound like a scary word but don't fret - it's actually a lot more cheerful than it seems Photo: Alamy. Funny how so much goes on and the public was never told. It wasn’t exactly because we wanted to. We’ve had a couple of small shakers in the Valley and LA recently but up here we haven’t felt a thing. Sorry I missed the Flintstones. Rebecca. new erectile dysfunction pills It sounds so ideal. Aging is an attitude.

Hi Kathy,I love the way you describe it as “right sizing.” That’s beutiful! We didn’t have a choice. Read more here. Have you had the urge to downsize? They don’t look like trailers at all. supplements to help erectile dysfunction

When you've downsized, you needn't worry. View Archive.

We checked it out online and signed the rental agreement before we even had a chance to physically check it out.

. Boeing gets fined every year for under $500,000 for noncompliance. When you reach a certain age – of any particular number – and you are beginning to think about downsizing to a more reasonably sized property, it is likely that you’ll have some doubts. I can’t let my two little pups out in the yard without a leash, for fear of being swallowed by a coyote or swooped up by a hawk. There's no expectation for you to be the host. There comes a time in all our lives when the kids have flown the nest and there’s just the two of you rattling around in that big empty house, that’s the time most people think about downsizing. One can accumulate a lot of the unnecessary over a long time in one place! The Internet up here completely sucks. Even though we live in Los Angeles, where The Internet is lightning fast, we are only able to access it through a satellite service. With that said, I did not know all about the nukes and disaster up in San Fernando Valley! We Hear You! This guy below is Papa San. Both are blessedly self-sufficient. unless there’s a fire.
Thanks Chris. It sounds like your life is headed in the same direction.

Also it really is amazing that so many people in LA are completely unaware of the ‘nukes’ that were right here in LA. With “Downsizing,” which opened this weekend to underwhelming box office. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That was one year before the nuclear meltdown. If you're about to go through with it, or are in the middle of doing so, this is why you should be happy at the prospect. The thought of living in a mobile home park reminded me of “My Name is Earl” and I had visions of being referred to as “trailer trash.”  However, we were pleasantly surprised to find the park to be a paradise in the sky. erectile dysfunction causes and treatment I had stupidly bought a huge house that was way beyond what I could afford. Doug was moving in at the time and I had two teenagers. Becky, (Does anyone still call you that? i’m good with it all. The plant also had nuclear reactors working up here from 1953 – 1980. 200 Glasgow Road, Stirling FK7 8ES I hope you find a place like that too. Becky, It is really great that you moved there!

Fortunately, my kids had sprung the coup a couple of years after we moved in. It's more cost-effective. The homes up here are spacious and beautiful. weight loss medication new Someone else can pick up the Waitrose tab - without you feeling like you've been left out. By Eleanor Doughty. Our community has a clubhouse, pool, fitness room, game room, and Jacuzzi. Like many other people around the country, and especially in Los Angeles, we went through hell during the financial crisis. Ogilvie Homes Limited You might prefer a smaller garden or maybe no garden at all – you choose what’s right for you. can a man do exercises to help with erectile dysfunction He happily took that option. I hope you enjoyed this post. Also, one of our dogs, sweet as he is, thinks the piano is a fire hydrant. It’s in the middle of Los Angeles and very beautiful. Enjoy the new space you will create. Hi Susan, I have to say I’m envious of your situation. I am in the process of divesting “stuff”, however. One of our neighbors is our dog sitter. right? Your email address will not be published. Not exactly Mad Max up here. Added to that, you can make your home age-appropriate. Of course, I prefer to call it “right-sizing” instead of downsizing (and write about it all the time on my own blog) because it was such an important step for us and brought about many, many advantages to our lives. It does allow you to enjoy life so much more when you have less stuff to stress you out. The other major issue with living up in Bedrock is that from 1949 -2006 the U.S. government operated a rocket testing plant right above where our community is located. The banks were eager to qualify me for a mortgage because I had sold my previous house for triple what I paid for it. and odd thing about mentioning te flintstones: the 90s live action movie of it was just on last week. Well . To be on the safe side, I drink bottled water. Are you following Baby Boomster on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter? Doug had enough hours in the Motion Picture Industry to retire and collect a pension. Join us on ZOOM Oct 27, 11 AM PST to talk about the state and future of travel as well as how Collette Travel is implementing safety precautions.

Think Downsizing Is Scary? Like area 51, UFO’s have been reported in the area. Baby Boomer Blog | Travel - Lifestyle for Women Over 50, February 15, 2015 by Rebecca Forstadt-Olkowski 8 Comments. It’s been called the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history and is thought to be worse than Three Mile Island. Update: In 2017, we moved again to an apartment in Burbank near Toluca Lake.

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