Requested callback and no one is available to speak with, yet we continue to receive the letters. Proponents point out that the LCS was not designed to function like destroyers but for littoral tasks like high-speed patrols and counter-piracy missions, moving at 40 knots and within shallow water where other ships cannot. [97] A Huntington-Ingalls study found that the NSC would be a better match for the listed mission set while lacking the LCS's mission modules to perform many missions. This office is not a law firm and does not serve paperwork or threaten to do so. In other common situations, you may get a commission from creating sales on the affiliate’s shopping store. Speaking of video clips (and, for that matter, getting interest), you’ll swipe a whole lot more eyes from the news feed as well as get even more clicks if you can use video web content in your ads. Listed then are a number of ways to submit this information via their website, email, FREEPOST address or by phone. !LCS PakistanI parceled a consignment from Dera Ghazi Khan to Karachi.

Is Clickbank A Legitimate Company? [149], Results from the Navy task force on LCS upgrades, capabilities, costs, and alternative options were completed by 31 July 2014 for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to review. There’s a bit more to it, yet that’s pretty much it. This office has reviewed the consumer's complaint, our internal records, and the phone call at issue This office denies that it harassed the consumer or dealt with her in an inappropriate or unfair manner After reviewing the recording of the phone call at issue, this office believes that the consumer misunderstood the agent when he made suggestions regarding employment and contacting family members The agent was making suggestions to the consumer for ways to get additional income, as she indicated that her issues with payment of the subject account were based on an inability to make payments in an amount that would be acceptable to our client long term The agent was suggesting possible additional employment, not that the consumer change her career The agent never questioned the propriety of the consumer's employment, education, or life choices, he merely pointed out that the consumer's obligation to our client is significant and that the payments she offered would not make sufficient headway in paying the balance in full The agent did not, as consumer terms it, threaten to "harass [her] family," rather, he suggested that the consumer speak to her family about assistance The only statement made regarding this office contacting another individual was regarding a possible contact of the co-borrower on this account Such a contact would not be inappropriate, as the co-borrower is also liable for the balance due to our client This office and our client are sympathetic to the fact that the consumer is having financial difficulties This is evidenced by the hardship arrangement that the agent entered into with the consumer during the subject phone call However, the consumer does have a significant liability to our client and our client is not required to agree to any payment arrangement the consumer offers regardless of its impact on the balance due If the consumer does not wish for this office to make any further suggestions to her regarding possible methods for making such payments, this office will instruct its agents not to provide her such advice In an effort to open the lines of beneficial communication, this office will reassign the consumer's account to a different agent going forward However, this office has a responsibility to its client to attempt to get the balance paid in a reasonable amount of time and its contacts with the consumer will continue to reflect a commitment to that responsibility while attempting to provide a good customer experience, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond We have searched our records and do not find an account in the consumer's name We do not believe this office made any contact with the consumer or his wife If the consumer can provide additional information about the dates and times of the calls and the numbers to and from which they were placed, we are happy to investigate further This office strives to comply with all consumer protection laws and regulations and any behavior of the type described would result in termination of the employee involved.We have received complaints in the past describing similar behavior by a company calling itself [redacted] This office is not in any way affiliated with [redacted] and has been attempting to find additional information about the company, as it is infringing on our trademark This office has filed complaints about [redacted] with the attorneys general of [redacted] and [redacted] based on prior consumer complaints and would encourage the consumer to likewise report this company to his state's attorney general if he determines that it is who is making contact with him As this office has no accounts in the consumer's name in our system, we have no reason to contact him and will not do so absent a request from him for additional information, Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 7, 2015/11/18) */ Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respondA search of our records does not return any account in the name [redacted] by that or any similar spellingWe show no record of having ever made a call to Mr [redacted] 's phone number as listed in this complaintWe have been made aware that another company has been illegally using the name LCS, which we have trademarkedWe have been attempting to get additional information about this company so that we can take action to stop use of the name LCS Financial Services Corporation strives to comply fully with all consumer protection laws and takes seriously all consumer complaintsOur agents are trained to always provide the name of the company upon requestAny behavior of the type Mr [redacted] complains of would result in employee discipline, as it is completely unacceptableThis office does not issue any type of summons and does not claim to do soFurther, a call to a number belonging to this office is first answered by a recording that identifies the companyBased upon the information provided, it does not appear that Mr [redacted] and his wife were in touch with this office or any of its employees If Mr [redacted] can provide additional information such as the dates and times of any of the calls or the caller ID information, we would be happy to investigate further At this time, given the lack of an account connected to him in our records, we have no reason to contact Mr [redacted] and will not do so unless he first seeks additional information from us, LCS Financial Services Corporation does not own or operate the phone number [redacted] and does not have an employee by the name of [redacted] All LCS Financial Services Corporation agents provide their full name and the full company name in all communications with consumers This office is not a law firm and does not serve paperwork or threaten to do so A search of our records does not show that we have any accounts in the consumer's name and this office has not made any contact with him The phone number provided by the consumer was answered as of the day of this response as LCS Mediation Services LCS Financial Services Corporation is not affiliated with LCS Mediation Services in any way.Some investigation into LCS Mediation Services indicates that they may, indeed, pose a threat to consumers We urge the consumer to report LCS Mediation Services to his state's attorney general, This office is not a law firm and does not serve paperwork or threaten to do so A search of our records does not show that we have any accounts in the consumer's name and this office has not made any contact with her Further, this office has never had an employee by the name of *** [redacted] .We have received complaints in the past with similar features that were based upon calls placed by an entity calling itself [redacted] and making calls from various toll free and land line numbers with ties to [redacted] , [redacted] and [redacted] This office is in no way affiliated with [redacted] In fact, we have made efforts in the past to get additional information about this entity, as they are infringing on our trademark We have previously filed complaints against [redacted] with the Attorneys General of [redacted] , [redacted] and [redacted] and have likewise provided the information included in this response to previous complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as we believe that company does pose a threat to consumers.As we do not currently have an account in the consumer's name, we have no reason to contact her and will not do so, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meThanks for responding in a timely matter Sincerely, [redacted] ***, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond We have reviewed the recording of the telephone call in question and have spoken to the agent, [redacted] , and believe there was a misunderstanding regarding our willingness to discuss settlement of this matter The consumer made her offer and was told it was not sufficient to settle the account based on the balance The consumer then stated that if our office wouldn't accept her offer we would get nothing and did not seem willing to consider a counteroffer While our agent did ask about the consumer's motivation to settle, he was doing so because our client wants to know if a borrower intends to sell a subject property as part of their due diligence in determining the suitability of settlement offers Our agent did not tell the consumer to wait another eight years and did not refuse to discuss settlementOur office remains willing to facilitate a reasonable settlement between the consumer and our client for this account and encourages the consumer to contact our Collections Manager, [redacted] , directly to do soHis direct number is [redacted], Thank you for the opportunity to respond We have searched our records and cannot find any open accounts in the consumer's name and no indication that we have made any attempts to contact her This office takes compliance very seriously and any behavior of the type the consumer describes

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