I think it would not have proved popular (in India) if the hero was shown to have commited murder. It has a different ending entirely! If found guilty, Amit... Big names of opponents do not bother me: Biswajeet (Interview - Election Special), 22 Hindi Horror Movies That Might Feel Familiar, Remakes of Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bangla, Indian Horror Suspense Thriller Films Collection, Most Glaring Omission From Empire's The 301 Greatest Movies of All Time, Rotten Tomatoes: Top Mystery & Suspense Movies, Throwback: Joan Fontaine Favorite Performance. It was first made as a Bengali movie ‘Kuheli’ (which also means fog or mist, the same as ‘Kohraa’) which was scored by Hemanta Mukhopadhyay (a.k.a. Even my sticky black heart of tar is moved with worry on her behalf. What I like about this review memsaab is the way in which you have drawn attention to the sets and lighting, after all this adds to the overall appeal a film. The film was the second directorial venture of Biren Nag after the hit film Bees Saal Baad (1962). Kohraa :-), There’s another version of Rebecca starring Charles Dance and Emilia Fox (Georgiana Darcy of BBC Pride and Prejudice). Absolutely outstanding!!! Great act by Waheeda ji and Lalita Pawar. Waheeda Rehman is such a timeless beauty, but there is a lot more than beauty in her, that’s her acting..so realistic. Biren Nag was truly a talented director, Hemant Da , Wahida, Lalita Pawar- they are all time greats! “The only problem with casting Waheeda in the role of second wife is that constant references (and by inference, comparisons) to first wife Poonam’s beauty are made. not for comment. How fun! Both meet, fall in love, and get married. they dont have it in their stock but the owner’s promised to get me a copy. Despite the scorching chemistry between the lead couple and the powerful performance of LP as Daima, this movie started to sag greatly at the last quarter( after the second version of the song “JHUM JHUM DHALTI RAAT”, to be exact.) It is truly an ensemble effort. I was fascinated by Rebecca (the novel) at 14.. and would read & re-read the book over and over again. For some reason, I was really amused at the fact that Dai Maa is kinda redeemed in the end as a mother figure who saves the day. Lalita Pawar was also just perfect as Dai Maa. Tarun Bose’s character intrigued me and I would watch this movie again only to understand it. If it is not meant to be addressed here, then sure would not do so but just let me know your name then at my email: anisuddha@hotmail.com. It is then she finds out that Amit had been married before to Poonam, who had passed away. Was this movie a 1964 movie ? Let me try and see both. S.N. And Biswajeet was not too bad either. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. 3. I recently saw another Biswajeet film ‘Do Kaliyan’, a remake of The Parent Trap and while I liked that movie, it might be a while before I want to watch him again. Both meet, fall in love, and get married. That’s easy to explain! I do need to watch Bees Saal Baad, it’s been at the top of the “to-watch” pile for eons. It is the culmination of a long sequence and it’s pivotal: Amit finally understands (he has been a mostly absent and clueless husband thus far) how very terrified and confused his beloved wife is. Interesting article. Well said Amrita. How would rate that remake compared to Kohraa, which had flopped at the box office in 1964. Figures that Lalita Pawar would play the psycho, Mrs. Danvers. “Wherever I walked in Manderley, wherever I sat, even in my thoughts and in my dreams, I met Rebecca,” she says. Moni Chatterjee I remember having seen “Rebecca”. Those are sets? Looks like Superman was inspired by Biswajit’s look in this movie :-D Look at the ‘tuft’ of hari on their foreheads. In the book Max is the one who killed Rebecca (one can argue she provoked him but still Max is a murderer), in the film her death is accidental/suicidal. LOL@the thought of Biswajeet inspiring Superman! I know what you mean, but this is really really good :), I’m really glad you liked the film, memsaab. It is then she finds out that Amit had been married before to Poonam, who had passed away. an accomplice of Madan Puri? When a young man's family gets haunted by a spirit, he gets warned not to return to his hometown. This kind of loose ends were plenty in another famous spoky thriller by Raj Khosla too–‘Woh Kaun thi’? You can skip to the end and leave a  An excellent horror, mystery thriller. Losing your memory is usually a bad thing but in this case, I am quite happy about it. Don't want to miss anything new? ), And we pretended we were brave.. those were the dayz. The director has done full justice to the classic story of Rebecca (unlike the poorly executed Anamika of Anant Mahadevan). But someone like Madhubala, as for example, might have been great as Poonam but not as Rajeshwari– I guess Madhubala/Poonam are ethereal beauties while Waheeda/Rajeshwari to me is *real* world beauty.. if that makes any sense :$ :$, sorry for the rather longish comment.. i’m back to commenting after a long time i guess.. + favorite novel.. couldn’t resist :D, “(Replace those stacks of files with Hindi movie dvds, and you might be in my living room)” — haha, this made me laugh! I want to see how the lead pair have revived their chemistry first seen in BSD. how can you forget the song, ‘yeh nayan dare dare’ by hemant? I didn’t remember much of it from an earlier viewing long ago. Whenever i see the song – “O bekaraar Dil, ho chuka hai mujhko asoon se pyar” I am really enchanted with the scenic beauty. Just finished watching Patthar ke sanam and she looked awful there – too old for the lead hero. Also I think, “BEES SAAL BAAD” was a better movie than this one. She looked just amazingly “out of the world” in ALL of them. i guess i just wanted to ..umm.. compare the “beautiness” (:P).. umm.. i guess i just wanted to leave a comment :P :P. It’s positively gothic :) I highly recommend it. The only problem with casting Waheeda in the role of second wife is that constant references (and by inference, comparisons) to first wife Poonam’s beauty are made. It’s a faithful (if uncredited) adaptation of a story well-suited for an Indian setting. Waiting eagerly to your next review. A traveler decides to assist a woman involved in a murder. I agree all the actors were superb, and the direction was magnificent. She’s always been beautiful, but was even more so up until ’63, after ’64, she sported a more mature, matronly look- perhaps b/c she stopped lining her eyes with eyeliner? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Now I will see this one for sure :), Yes, do; it’s just as good if not better :), It’s nice to see Biswajeet surpass his wet dishrag standard. :) (But not annoying. So above comment on ‘Baat ek Raat ki’ is by me. She believes that her son will recover after Rajeshwari marries him, this drive Rajeshwari to suicide, and this is where she meets Raja Amit Kumar Singh. This and the black and white version and the book and Kohraa have kept me pretty engaged with Rebecca over the years. WOOT! :) And of course the dynamics are completely different in all three; I must must must re-read the book…. I saw this film at the beginning of my Bollywood induction. Nice pictures, as always, Memsaab, but I would have liked the review better if it contained your usual entertaining,bewitching plot synopsis. Good, good. :-) Can’t recollect the actual words. Lalita Pawar does an excellent job as the menacing housekeeper (Dai Maa) and is genuinely scary.Biswajeet is the only weak point of the movie - but his role is existent for cosmetic purposes only - so much cannot be expected from him.Overall, a good movie - but do not watch it at night! I love this sort of thing. Thanks for the encouragement! I reiterate my request that somebody may take the pain to find out the answer to this question which has been bothering me for decades (since I had seen the movie on Doordarshan). I haven’t seen ‘Kohra’ though. No fear of that here: the acting is tremendous, and the actors play off one another just beautifully as well. I remember this one for the songs but haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet. I have a question though, what is Ramesh’s relationship with Poonam?? This begins to tell on her nerves, and the presence of Poonam's maidservant, Dai Maa, does not help. :-), You can always do a search using the search field at the top of the sidebar :). And as naive, kind-hearted, insecure Rajeshwari, Waheeda is completely believable without descending into irritating victim territory. Later he had hits like Do kaliyan which had lilting songs by Ravi.Songs were a good attraction in almost all his movies. She is an implacable—and seemingly invincible—enemy to poor Raj, but her obsessive devotion to her late first mistress renders her human and even sympathetic at times. I read it probably 35 years ago…and I liked it (I devoured all of Daphne Du Maurier’s books around that time). :), i also got very curious about the book Rebecca itself and did a bit of googling and ran into this piece of write-up which i thought of sharing with people here on this thread –, http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/daphne-du-maurier-venetian-tendencies-448666.html. What happened to all the special effects which indicated her ‘bhatakti atma’ ( wandering restless spirit ) of Poonam, the first wife? Add the first question. If he Director means ‘No explanation, just have fun’, then its is mindless entertainment, isn’t it? Rajeshwari is then taken to his palace and is simply overawed. However, the pair work together to solve the mystery and become romantically involved, after he introduces himself under another name. Though I have seen Rebecca (about 30 years ago) and read the book too (also about 30 years ago), I had NO recollection of the story when I started seeing Kohra. Kohra (1964 film) Kohra. Not just Kohra but I remember watching this movie Aitbaar (1985) starring Raj Babbar, Dimple and Suresh Oberoi, that was a copy/paste remake of Dial M for Murder, till that time remakes were taken seriously and did reasonable business too.

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