Warner Bros. Pictures, however, has teamed up with Google for a Hobbit cross-promotion that seems just about perfect. Unfortunately, if you use a print that is from an inkjet printer, there is a great probability that while it is soaking in the tea the ink would run. Middle-earth’s got 99 problems, and mountains are basically 98 of them. My wife has always voiced a desire to have a large map on the wall of our office. Picture = 1000 words Addeddate 2012-04-05 17:53:06 Identifier AMapOfMiddle-earthInTheThird-age. Their sweary biker space witch debut novel, Hunger Makes the Wolf, is out now from Angry Robot Books. The big thing to keep in mind is that mountain ranges are the fingerprints left behind by tectonic activity. 7 years ago Thank you. So, I downloaded the files and began to research printing options (which, in hindsight, I should have done first but it worked out well.). We’ve got to talk about Tolkien’s map of Middle-earth. I then replaced the side of the map back down and placed it onto the adhesive prepared board. I'll upload it to a file hosting site and then post a link here. Middle-earth’s got 99 problems, and mountains are basically 98 of them. I let the wood stain dry for two days then began the mounting process.

on Step 3. Pretty simple. But even without understanding the major forces behind mountain building, all you have to do is look at a topographic map of the world around us to get a sense of where mountains might naturally grow. Everything on the surface of the Earth ultimately wants to return to base level, also known as sea level. Reply With my years of geological education and work experience, now it seems more like a geographical car wreck from which I can’t quite look away. That seems like it'll work. There’s an almost overwhelming amount of information to click through, but a handy pull-down menu on the left side of the screen displays links to various Middle Earth locations (some of which have yet to be unlocked). I also rubbed all along the edges to create the ripped edges. Tectonic activity is what keeps wrinkling up the surface and giving all the water some elevation to run down.

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Once I do find a good hosting site I'll post the link to the image here. I then took the completed board and hung it on the wall of the office.Note: If there are any holes in the map, you'll need one more thing: a sheet of paper. If you had a massive oven you could bake it at a low heat but I don't have an oven that has a 3'x4' shelf. And the hallmark of hot spot volcanism is that you get chains of volcanoes, with the youngest being the active volcano and the older ones normally quiescent. I attached the wire to that side, ran it to the other side, attached the other holders, attached the wire to it, and cut off the extra wire. The main creator of mountains are tectonic plate collisions. Why are there corners? Aged Map of Middle Earth: This year for Christmas I decided to create a present for my wife. And I can buy the placement of the Misty Mountains, again as a continent-continent collision, perhaps, even if there should be a lot more shenanigans going on then, in terms of elevation. plus-circle Add Review. hope not bother you. Not only does the map provide a visual reference for Tolkien’s Middle Earth, users can also click on specific locations (including Trollshaw Forrest, Rivendell, and Dol Guldur) to reveal bonus content and play games, all while being serenaded by a lovely soundtrack and the dulcet tones of an Ian McKellen sound-alike. And you can get them printed in several sizes in an hour or so. To understand all of the hair-tearing I do every time I look at this map, we need to understand where mountains come from. Once I had my print, I brewed a hot bath and threw in six (6) black tea bags and let it steep for about 10 mins. To be fair to J.R.R.

Mountains don’t do corners. Not only does the map provide a visual reference for Tolkien’s Middle Earth, users can also click on specific locations (including Trollshaw Forrest, Rivendell, and Dol Guldur) to reveal bonus content and play games, all while being serenaded by a lovely soundtrack and the dulcet tones of … After steeping for that long, I took my map and placed it, rolled up, into the bath and let it sit there in the tea bath for 15 minutes. Alex Acks is a writer, geologist, Twitter fiend, and dapper AF. Very well done(I like the aged look), I am a crazy LOTR fan and this is awesome! Thanks to matt_uhs's awesome idea about dropbox, here is a link to the edited 3'x4' .tiff file. Once I had my board done, it was time to mount the map to the board. But when you throw in the near perpendicular north and south mountain ranges? Frodo’s journey to Mordor would have been a lot easier if he could have just asked Siri for directions. Did you make this project?

So I set out to make an aged map of Middle Earth and wanted to take you along on for this unexpected journey. The only edge that I didn't rip was the one in the middle of the roll but once I pulled the map out of the bath, I unrolled it and rubbed the edge to create the ripped look. This allowed for better enlargement with less grain and distortion. I'm updating my ible at the moment with the direct file link. I added a slight white text border to make it easier to read the text from the black background images. I'm still trying to find a good file hosting site that can host a 437mb file. To illustrate, I’ve added some lines to the map so you can more clearly see what I see whenever I look at it. OrIsIt! (This is what happens when you spend a lot of student loan dollars on graduate school.). 7 years ago We are both nerds and the release of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" put into motion a project I had wanted to do for a while but had put on a back burner due to school. I’ve heard the reasoning before that suggests Sauron has made those mountains somehow, and I suppose right angles are a metaphor for the evil march of progress, but I don’t recall that being in the books I read. on Introduction, cooooooooooooool that is pretty neat! (Though goodness, plate tectonics came down—I have it on good authority from geologists who were alive and in school at the time that it was like the holy light of understanding shining forth. My wife … You either end up with the heavier oceanic plate grinding under the continental crust—which is lighter because it’s got a lot more silicates in it—and wrinkling it up that way, as seen all around the Pacific Rim; or you have two plates of roughly equal density colliding and, since one isn’t going to sink under the other, building up and up like a cartoonish car pileup, which is why the Himalayas keep getting a little bit taller every year. Here's my version in a 17 MB PDF file: 7 years ago Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. map, J.R.R. I did this for two reasons. on Introduction. Great map! Most of the titles and some of the random text come from either the books or the movies. on Introduction. Hope this helps! I love it, I wonder if you still have the file (photoshop)? I also wanted to have the wood much darker than the map to help frame it and to have the map stand out from the wall. Most have a 200mb file restriction. Basically, I took my mounting kit, attached one of the holders via the supplied screw and a couple washers (due to the thinness of the wood).

I posted a new link for a site that does discuss aging paper for inkjet projects in that same section.

I placed the map on two trash bags that I had opened up and lain on the floor to keep as much of the tea in the map and not on the floor. A. This happens when the crust is under tensional stress (being pulled apart) rather than the compressive stress (being squished together) you get from tectonic collisions. There’s some weird stuff going on with these mountain ranges. Hello! A vector image has it's data stored in mathematical equations so that it can be re-sized to massive sizes and still have very crisp edges. I made sure to push down on the map every couple minutes to ensure that the center bit would get some tea in it since it kept seeming to rise in the center. I talked a little bit about mountain building in my previous post, in the context of active versus passive margins as seen in the case of The Hunger Games’ Panem. This was basically a border around the board. I came across some cool websites like http://lotrproject.com/map/ which has a very cool interactive online map that shows various character's movements from the books and other websites that have great high resolution images. There aren’t right angles in the mountain ranges of Earth. I also made the image strictly black and white because the lettering was initially red and since I wanted a B&W print, I made it all black. Let us be off. 7 years ago They have a vector image of the entire map in three different formats to choose from and did I mention ITS FREE!

Extensional tectonics is another way to wrinkle up your crust that isn’t going to create mountains in quite the same way. Share it with us! Check this ible, steps 11 and 12, for more detailed directions for the aging process for laser printed works. This year for Christmas I decided to create a present for my wife. It’s better than the nonsensical border mountains.

The video below gives a preview of how fans can use the map, although to be fair the trailer is bit more exciting than the actual interface. Simple Flying Toilet Paper Ghost Decoration, 2 X DIY Easy Pumpkins | How to Sew Pumpkin Pillow Ornaments. And Mordor? The man might have made up some beautiful languages and written stories that generations of writers have responded to in ways ranging from homage to bad photocopy, but I’m going to guess he was no connoisseur of geography. Hey DIY Micah, thanks for this awesome 'ible!

So I went to the same source and fixed up a map the same way as this gentleman. Reply Thanks! Be the first one to write a review. It was a simple one yet I learned a lot about the aging process and this was also my first use of spray adhesive. on Step 2. So I stained my wood with the Ebony stain. About: I am a nerd, gamer, and registered nurse and I like to make stuff. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), © 2020 Macmillan | All stories, art, and posts are the copyright of their respective authors, Tolkien’s Map and The Messed Up Mountains of Middle-earth, Exploring the People of Middle-earth: Boromir the Brave, The Complex Evolution of Sauron — Craftsman, Ring-giver, and Dark Lord, Production Resumes on Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series, Read an Excerpt From Sci-Fi/Horror Anthology, Five SFF Books Driven by Terrible Choices and Appalling Judgment, Growing Up in Narnia: The Pevensies as Young Adults in, A Strong Narrator Can Help You Weave a Spell of Protection, “Oh, Frak” — Avoiding the Censors the SFF Way.

Thanks! Side tangent: Smaller projects that require aging can use this same process but you need to ensure that you have a laser printed image. Also, I'm sorry I didn't write this before, this 'ible is amazing. I then took the teabags out of the bath and dabbed them along all the edges and along the rips. on Introduction. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. Okay, so maybe Mount Doom is from a really young hot spot and there’s been no drift since it started. As for hosting the image, why not try the shared feature on Dropbox? 7 years ago These actually came out very nice and were very reasonable and you can do all the sizing and editing yourself so you get exactly what you need. ), and put some white buffer around the text so it doesn't get jumbled into the landscape. They were also able to work with the pic emailed directly to their desk from an Android phone---the image we needed was taken with the phone. I left the map in the bathroom with the fans on for most of the day and let it air dry.

4 years ago, 5 years ago Thanks WriterChick!

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