If you are interested, you might be able to stream some of these best movies like Bridesmaids on Netflix or Amazon Prime or even Hulu. All images property of their respective owners. After befriending a young girl in a neighborhood park, Walter must also grapple with the terrible prospect of his own reawakened demons. This is why Alfie (2004) is one of the best movies like Bridesmaids (2011). Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, and Wendi McLendon-Covey also played the role of  Lillian’s bridesmaids. The film was nominated for both the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Melissa McCarthy and Best Original Screenplay for Wiig and Mumolo in 2012. izes her client - it's the loan shark who caused a tragedy in her family. Nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 75th Academy Awards, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ spawned a franchise of its own. What makes Wedding Crashers such an entertaining watch, is that neither Wilson or Vaughan is saddled with the straight man role. Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds play brothers with very different lives that swap bodies. A convicted sex offender, Walter is warily eyed by his brother-in-law, shunned by his sister, lives in fear of being discovered at work, and is hounded by a suspicious local police officer, Detective Lucas. A simultaneously beautiful and terrible examination of the destructive nature of cause and effect, and how time destroys everything. It’s also, weirdly, most famous for CGI boobs, so that’s…something. But Walter's actually selling her paintings as his own. She is 30 years old and her family constantly talks about fixing her marriage with a Greek man, but fate had other plans when she falls in love with a man who is definitely not Greek. Tenoch and Julio try to impress the beautiful Luisa by telling her that they will be taking a trip to the most beautiful secluded beach in Mexico called la Boca del Cielo (translated to Heaven's Mouth), the trip and the beach which in reality don't exist. Fans of Sex and The City couldn’t get enough of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda. She is thirty years old which, according to her family, makes her overdue for marriage. Tags: movies like Bridesmaids (2011) - full list Though the couple do end up engaged, every time they try to plan anything to do with their wedding, something gets in the way. See more ideas about Movies, Movies like bridesmaids, Wedding movies. It was obvious to include it in the list of humorous and well-setting movies like Bridesmaids, Mean Girls has also loaded with SNL(Saturday Night Live is an American late-night live television show) icons such as Tina Fey and Amy The character of blunt, unfiltered and uncensored Megan fit her like a glove and no wonder she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role. A friendship develops that's great at first but then threatens Peter's engagement and career. So instead of saying goodbye to these characters for good when the show ended in 2004, we were blessed with not one, but two films about the fabulous HBO series. #movieslikebridewars #movieslikebridesmaids, Movies Like Bridesmaids. Date Night is the first movie to boast comedic giants Steve Carrell and Tina Fey as leads, at the time when they were leading the Office and 30 Rock respectively. All images property of their respective owners. They end up marrying, although keeping the thing secret. Three cheers for female empowerment! hing with which she can find success. It tells the story of Jane Nichols, a wedding planner who has acted as a bridesmaid in 27 weddings. present girlfriend reveals to have somewhat more experience with sex that he ever imagined. When they both get engaged at the same time, they discover that the Plaza is open to having both weddings on the same day. Father of the Bride (1950) This is another Academy Award-nominated movie that had the events spun around a wedding. x, Andrew. truly reaching another person means bravely stretching into uncomfortable territory and the resulting shake-up can be liberating. However, things get messed up when Becky leaves offended and they sabotage her bridal gown by mistake. It all falls apart when that friend is secretly in love with you which is the case in the wedding comedy Made of Honor. She grows and evolves and so does he. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In order to capture a drug lord, Ashburn must team up with hot-headed Boston detective Shannon Mullins, played by McCarthy. Along for the ride is Scott's best friend, the girl crazy Cooper Harris. She ignores Russell, a droll gym teacher, who looks on. These movies are an extension of the hit TV series but even if you have not watched the series, you will love the movies! Read More: Movies Like Flipped 4. ething wife of Tenoch's cousin Jano, the two who have just moved to Mexico from Spain. Ten Comedy Movies Like Horrible Bosses (2011) The rib-tickling film starring  Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig  and Melissa Mccarthy, came out back in 2010 and  still the try  to find a single film that can break its record,is going on in its place. The “girls trip”  deals with uniting all of them back together and resulting in a beautiful friendship in a hilarious way. Paul. The Academy Award Nomination for Best Screenplay attested to the great writing that supported its well-deserved popularity. She takes this opportunity to reunite with her friends who have grown distant. It focused on the life of Toula Portokalos, a girl brought up by a staunch Greek-traditionalist family. They remind us that if women stick together there is nothing we cannot achieve. He never saw himself getting married or having a family despite falling in love at first sight with Cindy. In an attempt to reinvigorate their marriage, the couple go on a date to a fancy New York bistro where a case of mistaken identity throws them into a deadly adventure featuring corrupt cops, cray cab drivers, and Ray Liotta’s mob boss. The films were released from 2009 to 2013, and have grossed over $1.4 billion in the United States and worldwide. Julianne Potter, played by Julia Roberts, had a pact with her best friend Michael that if none of them was married by the time they were 28, they would marry each other. Bridesmaids received constructive reviews upon its release. Showing best popular movies like Bridesmaids: Want more independent & international films similar to Bridesmaids? cup. And not only does graduation follow but love shows its face in Tony, an Italian-American plumber, full of adoration and respect for her. These movies are so much more than just chick flicks, they are movies about strong women, lasting friendship, and girl power. So when…, Over the years we, the viewers, have witnessed several thriller drama series that have bro…, J. C. Chandor’s ambitious 2019 project Triple Frontier is one of the best action-adventure…, There’s nothing more satisfying than just settling in to see a decent movie at the e…, Corona is the new ‘ghost’ that has apparently stopped all movements midway. 3 Planning Tips Every Savvy Parents Should Know. It’s not as good as the original, but it’s a little better than Ghostbusters 2, and its cast, which includes Saturday Night Live duo Kate McKinnon ND Leslie Jones, alongside a scene-stealing Chris Hemsworth, has great chemistry that papers over many of the movie’s cracks. It shows how in-demand both McCarthy and Feig were at the time as they broke through to mainstream audiences with the help of Academy award winning superstar Sandra Bullock. This is a super hit sleepover movie! The Change-Up fits this criteria in a suitably insane Freaky Friday body-swap way. Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) is one of the best movies like Bridesmaids (2011). Movies similar to Bridesmaids (2011): Bachelorette, Rough Night, 27 Dresses, A Few Best Men, How to Be Single, Best Night Ever, The Heat, The Hangover Part II, Neighbors, What's Your Number?. This is about a girl who has been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings. Your email address will not be published. The Hangover is a sequence of three American comedy films directed by Todd Phillips. Julianne realizes she is in love with Michael and decides to sabotage the wedding. Bridesmaids breakout star Melissa McCarthy reunites with that movie’s director Paul Feig for this uproarious women-centric buddy-cop comedy. Greys Anatomy heartthrob Patrick Dempsey stars as Tom, a serial dater that is afraid of commitment. ited college co-ed, Kim, who opens his eyes and leads him on a dangerous path away from Jenna. His principal concerns are the hockey game he has that afternoon and the wake for a friend who died. The consequence of this is that Peter has no best man for the wedding, so he must go on a journey to finally find a man to be his best friend. © 2018 Movie Metropolis All rights reserved. #movieslikethegroomsmen #movieslikebridesmaids, Movies Like My Best Friend's Wedding. American Wedding proves, even if only slightly, that the main movies of the American Pie franchise deserve to be seen by people outside those that found the movies as frustrated teenagers of the early noughties, as examples of the very worst things that can happen to you through puberty to sexually repressed adulthood. She nevertheless little by little manages to find her footing by adapting to her job as a salesgirl, by studying bookkeeping at Brooklyn College as well as with a little help from both Father Flood and Mrs. Kehoe, the owner of the boarding school she now lives in. The film earned  $ 129 million worldwide and developed a fashion following. That is until they plan to crash Rachael McAdams wedding to a Bradley Cooper (in one of his many villainous comedy roles before The Hangover put him on the A list). odyssey just might result in her getting engaged. As a whole, we can say that all of the films deal with three of the four men on a mission to find their missing friend, but the first two films focus on the events following a night of degeneracy before a party in Las Vegas and Bangkok; whereas the third and final film calls for a road trip and a kidnapping as a substitute of a bachelor party. 9 million worldwide. The Heat is a brilliant riff on buddy cop movies as its leads easily stand alongside the giants of the genre, and that includes Riggs and Murtaugh. The reunion with her family members starts off well enough, but issues around Kym's release from rehab quickly surface. Our lives toda…, On a midsummer night, how fascinating would it be to lay down a blanket in the backyard, l…, 10 Best Movies Similar To Bridesmaids That Must Be Watched. Apart from Tom’s timing absolutely sucking, Hannah also asks him to be her maid of honor, which he uses as a chance to derail the wedding and get Hannah to fall in love with him.

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