He then departs, telling Luffy he will find Z on the island. Z warns that he relies too much on his Pika Pika no Mi abilities. About his arm and what he's doing. He offers to continue fighting him, if he wants but Z turns him down, also being satisfied. Luffy finally finds Z waiting for him inside the volcano. Eventually Z and his solders break into the Marine base, and acquire the Dyna Stones. After leaving Fish-Man Island the Straw Hats meet Lily Enstomach who tries to free her father from being sent to Impel Down. Lavigne agreed to contribute the songs for the film. Luffy dispatches them all with his Haoshoku Haki save for the captain whom he ask where Z is. He uses his Haki, dodging multiple shots from cannons gradually getting closer. December 15, 2012 (Japan)September 30, 2014 (FUNimation Dub)[1] Z left a legacy behind him when he finally quit the marines, as many younger marines, and a good number of veteran and elite officers of vice admiral rank and higher, looked up to him. Reluctantly, the Marine Captain tells him the location of Z, explaining they were planning to ambush him. If they lose to Z, they will be destroyed along with the New World. He is currently the highest-ranked non-canon Marine. Each of them has power said to rival the Ancient Weapons in terms of mass destruction, and as the Marines' trump card they are considered extremely valuable to them.

Ain and Binz attack which Sanji and Zoro intercept them. Volcanic ash suddenly begins to rain from the sky much to their confusion. Franky takes on the Pacifista, able to fight them all off with his superior strength.

Despite feeling the Government and Marines betrayed his beliefs by siding with pirates, Z was caring, trusting, and loyal to his subordinates and ultimately gave his life in battle with Kizaru to give the Neo Marines time to escape. Several elements in the film would later be contradicted by the manga.

The film's credits feature the animation and color-scheme of some characters who were depicted as children in the SBS Question corner: Sengoku, Monkey D. Garp, Kuzan, Sakazuki, Borsalino, This is also the first of the post-timeskip. Z reflects on the One Piece and becomes angered over how much suffering and death its existence has brought to the world. Bad Reputation & How You Remind Me The Dyna Stones explode, causing the volcano to erupt. He finishes the match by performing his Santoryu Seiryu In: Ryusui slash. Ain cried, though showing great emotional restraint all the while, as she paid her respect to Z's grave afterwards. Sengoku notes how tragic Z's history has been, but destroying the island and putting innocent civilians in danger was unacceptable. Despite his loathing for pirates, Z had a great sense of honor, loyalty and respect to everyone, even his enemies, and was noble in character to the bitter end; his last act, after having fought evenly with Luffy to a standstill, was to give up his life to buy time for his Neo Marines and the Straw Hat Pirates to escape from Kizaru, having come to respect the latter after their final battle. Z tells Luffy to finish him, but Luffy merely tells him he's already satisfied as he regains his straw hat, giving him a smile. Although he was still respectful of some of his students and former subordinates, Z regarded the World Government on the whole as spiritually weak, and their actions a betrayal to the notion of Justice.

The Movie: Happy Birthday in the Land of Sweets, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=One_Piece_Film:_Z&oldid=962453508, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 June 2020, at 04:37. By this time, he had become very popular with his subordinates. Usopp whines, but Nami tells him to trust in her navigational skills. According to Garp, Z was the strongest believer of justice. This comment infuriates Z, as he madly swings his Battle Smasher around. Sanji naturally is serving and fawning over her. He thinks on the question, and is unable to think of a proper answer confusing them further. He warns her that the paths they choose could cost them their lives, but she tells him the matter is out of their hands now. Chopper examined him, but found out that he should be fine. Japanese Name: Z and Luffy both give each other hard punches to the chest and stomach, giving Luffy a moment to recoil and puke. With his Battle Smasher arm, he easily overpowered both of them and took them down.

Kibin, the last standing, clashes with him. Luffy spotted the battered body of Z clinging to life on a piece of wood out at sea, and tried to rescue him. Zoro remarks he felt hesitation in her sword, angering her. He dismissed Luffy, and told him to leave the rest to him. He is the second movie antagonist who is a former Marine, the first being Gasparde. He suffered from breathing problems due to his age, requiring the need of an aerosol inhaler.[3]. The limited editions for both formats include all nine straw hat holographic stickers, Zephyr's weapon Smasher as a keychain, a stand with a voice recording, and not-for-sale press material. The Marines began to weep, shedding tears for being forced to kill their teacher.

The crew begin making their preparations to leave, as Kuzan and Robin share a small moment. Noticing their shocked expressions, he merely notes he "got into a bit of mischief". Zephyr had tremendous durability and endurance, able to survive an enormous explosion from a Dyna Stone that destroyed the island he was fighting on despite the blast rendering him comatose, and endure an onslaught of light attacks from Borsalino which left dozens of burning holes in his body before continuing to fight. Both's histories have been developed by Oda personally. Him and his solders then broke into the Marine base, and acquired the Dyna Stones. Telling him he'll never be Pirate King with his strength. At the end of his final battle with Luffy, Z changed his judgement and he declared Luffy a worthy opponent and allowed the Straw Hats to escape alongside his subordinates in his last stand against the Marines. Zoro and Ains battle as she uses her powers to turn the hardened volcanic rock around them back into flowing magma. [7], Z was first seen singing a requiem, as he prepared for battle. Z's prosthetic arm, without the Battle Smasher over it. At age 38, Z got married, and one year later his son was born.

Several of the Straw Hat Pirates' outfits in the film from. Japanese VA:

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