They are sharply pointed with fine striations running from tip to base, and point forward (procumbent). The oldest specimen may be a skull thought to come from late Rhaetian or early Hettangian rocks.[21]. "Mary Anning (1799–1847) of Lyme; 'The Greatest Fossilist the World Ever Knew'".

They are classified in the order Plesiosauria, along with their long-necked relatives, the plesiosaurs. Sometimes over 100 rocks have been found in association with a single plesiosaur. But contrary to many early depictions, plesiosaurs had stiff necks that could not bend much, which is puzzling.

They died out 66 million years ago, along with the dinosaurs. The microbiome: How bacteria regulate your health. Plesiosaurs are long-necked ambush predators who hunted schools of small fish, ammonites, and other invertebrates.

Storrs, G. W. 1991. “We went to the pit and convinced ourselves that we are looking at the Triassic,” Sander says. Plesiosaurs thrived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous. A specimen was put on display in Lincoln Museum (now The Collection) in 2005. Uncritical taxonomic work resulted in hundreds of species representing most of the world and most of the Mesozoic being assigned to Plesiosaurus.

Plesiosaurus is the archetypical genus of Plesiosauria and the first to be described, hence lending its name to the order. [1][2] Additional fossils of Plesiosaurus were found in rocks of the Lias Group of Dorset for many years,[3][4][5] "until the cessation of quarrying activities in the Lias Group, early in this [20th] century."[2]. There were many species of plesiosaurs, while most of them were not as large as Elasmosaurus. Conybeare and De la Beche coined the name for scattered finds from the Bristol region, Dorset, and Lyme Regis in 1821.

2. Caudal ribs have different morphologies depending on their location along the tail, with anterior examples being pointed and more distal examples being "broad and blunt.

the short-necked, large-headed pliosaurs, such as the enormous Predator X, a few plesiosaurs still lived in Loch Ness, Superwhite paint can cool buildings even in hot sunlight, The first flying dinosaurs were a failed evolutionary experiment, Plastic baby bottles shed millions of microplastics when shaken, Your covid-19 risk: How to navigate this new world of uncertainty, Google’s €2.4bn fine is small change - the EU has bigger plans, Covid-19 news: England tracing system hits new low for contacts traced, Dinosaur fossil with preserved genital orifice hints how they mated.
These include the Plesiosauridae, unspecialised types which are limited to the Early Jurassic period; Cryptoclididae, (e.g. Fossil Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

It has been postulated that the long neck of Plesiosaurus would have been a hindrance when trying to speed up, any bend in the neck creating turbulences. The 2-metre-long fossil is thought to be a juvenile. Cryptoclidus), with a medium-long neck and somewhat stocky build; Elasmosauridae, with very long, inflexible necks and tiny heads; and the Cimoliasauridae, a poorly known group of small Cretaceous forms. "Morphological and taxonomic clarification of the genus. Cranial anatomy and functional morphology of Pliosaurus brachyspondylus (Reptilia: Plesiosauria) from the Upper Jurassuc of Westbury, Wiltshire. But all the fossil skeletons found so far come from the … For this reason it may be possible that these animals would actually lie in wait for prey to come close instead of trying to pursue them.

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