[they both groan, then they continue playing ball, showing the gold of nine, then the men get the brown ball] [smears on the face, then transforming the blood back into the hand] It’s time to take the future into my own hands, and this city will be cleansed. See, the gods sent me a vision to bring the tribute from the temple to guide them here. The Road to El Dorado est sorti sur DVD et VHS le 12 décembre 2000. Cortes: [putting the cup in the water fountain, scooping it up] Today, we sail to conquer the new world, for Spain, for glory, for gold! [the ground rumbles while the men get the ball, then they continue chanting and cheering, then kicking it to the wall, while yelling, then gasping] You have come upon Miguel: Chief Tanni! Tzekel-Kan: Blood! Miguel: Okay. Le 20 février 1999, avant la sortie de Aida d' Elton John et Tim Rice , il a été annoncé que dix chansons avaient été composées pour El Dorado , et que la date de sortie avait été repoussée à mars 2000. Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! Miguel: For three days? Tulio: We just have to keep this up long enough, to load up on the gold and then get the hell out of here!

Ju-Ju-Just for a second imagine that you have one.

[puts an umbrella in the bowl, then taking it to Tzekel-Kan] Wait a minute.

I want in. [the armadillo looks at all of them walking, then they hear a bird calling, then Acolyte walks in the waterfall, then they all walk in the cave, then they both get off, then they all get on the boat, then Miguel starts whistling, then looking at them rowing, then rowing in the dark cave with a torch lighting up, then Chel looks at the golden shining from it, then closing it, then gasping, then they all look the vines]

Tulio: Uh, guys, you’re broke! Thank you! [the top of the roof breaks] Tulio: Y-Yeah. Tulio: Well, okay, what’s your idea, smart guy? This is it, right here. Miguel: You dare to impugn my honor? You, me, the car. Chief: Rope? (To)go across the country (wi)thout a dad-blame dime.

This is it.

Tulio: Well, exactly!

You’re gonna need it. Tulio: [to Miguel] Way away! Tzekel-Kan: Hmm. Tulio: Divinity! Tzekel-Kan: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miguel: Huh? Peacefu... - Emma and the kids

You can never worry too much. Tulio: She wants in so she can get out. Come on, before he licks you to death. [they both fall down in the barrels] Miguel: Tulio, look! Tulio: Seven! Tzekel-Kan puts the book inside his shirt and we don't see it again... Our pullover and zipper hoodies are made from a preshrunk soft french terry fabric.

Get on! Not the face. ”The Road to El Dorado” is a CARTOON — a bland one at that, with any spicy whiff of originality and daring filtered out. Chel: [closing the curtain] Bye. Miguel: You mean, forever?

Tulio: Miguel! Tulio: Right here! the higher-ups didn't like so they added Chel to replace such content, Animator Will Finn, who directed a bulk of the film, has spoken at length about how much he hated making this film and that he still has nightmares about it to this day. Tzekel-Kan: Citizens, did I not predict that the gods would come to us? "Mmnope." Miguel: All right! [they continue looking at the gold in the whirlpool] After all, it worked so well last time. Any thre... Kandahar Province, [scratching the stone, then snapping fingers] Miguel. I’ve revised the whole thing. And stay as long as you like. Tzekel-Kan: But all of the sacred writings say that you will devour the wicked and the unrighteous. of their character. [Chel whimpers] As the multitudes exalt, don a supernatural habit! Tulio and Miguel said it best, and now you can too. He fought tooth and nail to keep the game sequence in the film because it was one of the few actual references to real Native American culture, and the higher-ups could give him no rational reason as to why they wanted it removed. Ils sont amenés aux anciens de la ville, au chef Tannabok au bon cœur et au méchant grand prêtre Tzekel-Kan. [Chel runs to Tulio and Miguel, panting, then hitting Altivo, then the men start to attack Tulio and Miguel] Tulio: Miguel and Tulio! Miguel: I’ll bet we can make that.

Forget Miguel. Miguel: But we don’t have a map. [grabs Miguel] You lied to me?

Les chansons ont été composées principalement par John avec le parolier Tim Rice , avec des contributions de partition de Hans Zimmer et John Powell . Let’s go. Chel: D’oh. The gods have awakened! No. [the crowd cheer] the moment a parent lets go Tulio: And I am Tulio. [cut to Cortes on the horse]

Miguel: Even those mountains. Miguel: Yep, yep. Miguel: Oh, Chief, um, forget about the rope. Our glorious city Was built by the divinities By gods who saw fit To bestow The gift of a paradise Peaceful and harmonious upon Us mere mortals below And made El Dorado The magnificent and golden One thousand years ago El Dorado El Dorado El Dora-a-a-a-do -Today, we sail... to conquer the New World... -for Spain, for glory, for gold! Miguel: Excuse me. Le couple est pris pour des dieux et reçoit des quartiers luxueux, ainsi que la charge de Chel. No! [the man continues chopping the log, then they all make a boat, then using the hammer and nail to chop the stone, then rotating it to Miguel, then cut to Tulio and Chel] Chief: Oh, this is wonderful news. Where is it? Tulio: [grabs Chel, laughing] Well done, partner. Chief: Hold the line steady! That’s disgusting.

Miguel: Oh, you better give them that money back, or I’ll... [grabs the sword] En garde! Tulio: Depart, mortal, before we strike you with a lightning bolt. Tulio: Ow! Chief: [gasping] Big smile. [the man kicks the brown ball by going through the hoop, then they all cheer, then blowing the horn while putting the gold] Jan 23, 2019 - Explore Stella's board "Road to Eldorado" on Pinterest. Pendant les trois jours que durera la construction, Miguel explore la ville et Chel se rapproche de Tulio de manière romantique. What would it be saying about Chel? Chel: [drops the golden plate, clattering] Deal. Tulio: [chuckling] She’s whoo-- Whoa, she’s in trouble! And it is! Miguel: I know. What’s more if we don’t comply, with the locals’ wishes, I can see us being sacrified of stuffed! He hated the script and brought it to writer David Swift in the hopes of punching it up, later admitting that he agreed with Swift when he said, "You're never going to make a good movie with shit like this for writing!". What names may we call you?

[the kids gasp, then strumming the guitar, then playing the guitar] Cummings exprime également le cuisinier sur le navire de Cortés, un guerrier qui se fait piétiner par le jaguar de pierre de Tzekel-Kan et l'indigène qui avertit le chef Tannabok de Cortés.

[the guards gasp, the black bull knocks everybody over, with pieces in the air, with the hat rolling down the stairs, then going up, then grabbing the clothesline while swinging, with the clothes falling on the guards, then the arrows shoot at the building with Tulio and Miguel, then running, then looking down at the barrels in water] Miguel: Maybe we should tell the truth and then beg for mercy. Tulio: I know! Happy new year.

[he gets Tulio up, then clapping hands] Chief: Big plans in the other world, huh? What is the voice saying? Got it.

[throws the rings away] Chel: Uh-huh. Tulio: Ummm-- Zaragoza: [grabs the map] I said one more roll! [Pop, Up-Tempo] In the dead of night, you and I grab some provisions... Both: [giving high five] Yes! Tulio: Bye. Tulio: You got it! [Altivo eats the carrot] Chel: Yes! They’ll never find the gate to the city. Both. Chel: [chuckling] You know, maybe I won’t go to Spain with you and take a third.

[he gasps, then Chief waves his fingers, then scoffing, then continues cheering, then gasping, then growling] Chel: Mm-hmm. Tulio: Heathen! Chief: Hey, to err is human. Not now, not ever! Tulio: That’s pretty much it. [snickering then watching the people, chopping a log] This’ll be a delightful way to bid the false gods, good-bye. You don’t want to stay here forever, do you? Miguel: I know. All you have to do is smile, act godly and follow my lead. [Tzekel-Kan groans when the guards take him, then looking at Tulio, Miguel, Chel, and Altivo, then gasping, then chittering, then Chel waves at Tzekel-Kan] Miguel: No.

Miguel: [scoffs] What makes you think we need your help? Um, my mistake. You’re going to need my help. [the crowd continue cheering] Kid 1: The gods deserve a proper tribute.

[Altivo sputters away] Chief Tanni! [they continue throwing the gold in the whirlpool] Director: Don Michael Paul, Bibo Bergeron. I have to be on time this morning. Tzekel-Kan: Behold! [the bull snorts] Miguel: Not the face. through all o... ALVIN: Are we rolling? It will be loquacious to a fault! Tulio: Altivo, hyah! You probably know me as the star Miguel: That’s right! Promise? The hip! Chel: They’re sending it to Xibalba, the spirit world. Miguel: Mm-hmm. Le script, tout intelligent, semble souvent trop mignon et show-biz tape à l' oeil, pas assez émotif « . Yeah, keep ‘em sweet! So, I’m sorry. Chief: My lords, why now do you choose to visit us? Ils sont aussi perdus pour nous que la cité perdue dans laquelle ils tombent. " [clears throat] How dare you! Please let us know or ask our community and we'll try to help you out... Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! Lorsqu'ils trouvent l'entrée bloquée, Cortés qualifie Tzekel-Kan de menteur et le fait prisonnier alors qu'ils partent. [the jaugar laughs, then cut to the kids when Tulio and Miguel are watching] Tzekel-Kan: My lords. Chel: [chuckling] Too bad. Stop that! [the jaguar appears, then they both scream] [the black bull charges at Tulio and Miguel, then climbing on the wall, then knocking the wall, then sliding down, then running at the people] [the red dice makes it seven] And, um... [sobbing] ...it was so much gold! [grunting, then sighs, then clears throat] This doesn’t look at all secure. [he swims underwater, and on the boat, then grabbing Tulio] Yeah? Look on the positive side. Tulio: Ohhh, great! Tulio: I’m not coming on! Tulio: Hmm? Miguel: The gods are speaking for themselves now! La bande originale comprend des chansons d' Elton John et Tim Rice , ainsi que des compositeurs Hans Zimmer et John Powell . Wait! Tulio: [he looks at Miguel] Everything is fine. Miguel: They’re not gonna make it. Three days is just fine. Tulio: Excuse me? Tulio: Hey. Show you as much as you need to know. This journey was hopeless. Tulio: Hey! This city and these people have no need for you anymore! D’oh. I’ve got a plan. To Xibalba? [cut at night with Miguel getting out, then sneaking by Tulio, then gasping] Good luck. Do it. [clears throat] We-We lost our group. [cut to the gold, showing all] Miguel: Hey, Altivo. [Tulio grabs the dice] Chief: My lord. Miguel: [singing while playing the guitar] Tons of gold for you! Here. I am the greatest! Le consensus critique du site se lit comme suit: "Une histoire prévisible et des personnages minces ont rendu le film plat." Notre Tulio et Miguel ne sont pas assez grand, ni assez fort, ni assez drôle de boucle des clapotis. [sniffling] Well, forget Tulio. Paul Clinton de CNN a écrit: «L'animation n'est pas inspirante et n'apporte rien de nouveau à la table de la magie de l'animation», louant les chansons d'Elton John / Tim Rice, mais notant l'intrigue faible. Tulio: No! Zaragoza: Your dice are loaded! [panting] Cortes: [the gun touches the earing] Where did you get this? Here’s an order: Take the day off. We’ve come all this way, and we-we-we should really, you know... Chel: [imitates Miguel] "Ck-ck."

Tzekel-Kan: The beginning of a new era, the dawning of a new age, demands, sacrifice! Tulio: Excuse me. [they both begin running] We’re finally at the "go back to Spain and live like kings" part. Tulio: Not yet. Miguel: [singing] El Dorado on our plates! Tzekel-Kan: And so dawns the Age of the Jaguar. Ils sont opposés - Tulio est l'intrigant et Miguel est le rêveur. The Road to El Dorado Script Resources: The Road to El Dorado Transcript at Script-O-Rama; Other Links: The Road to El Dorado ( tt0138749 ) at IMDb; The Road to El Dorado ( 10501 ) at TheMovieDB.org *11641.

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