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Beyond this, all familial statements are speculation. The middle brother, Mycroft, appears in the canon, but the eldest, Sherrinford Holmes, was invented by Baring-Gould to free Mycroft and Sherlock from the obligation of following Siger as a country squire. The Essential DanMachi Moments, Mycroft, Eudoria, Enola & Sherrinford: How FanFic Expands the Sherlock Holmes Family. The Baskerville family was a family of English gentry with their seat at Baskerville Hall near Grimpen in Dartmoor.

But of course, Conan Doyle himself never called his creation any more than "Sherlock Holmes" so everything else is pure invention.

The detective has been given as the father of at least eight children, including Nero Wolfe. This is a great activity to practice family vocabulary. B-town Blog Facebook, Ryan Britt is a longtime contributor to Den of Geek! Philip José Farmer makes the Holmeses a major branch of the Wold Newton Family in Tarzan Alive, having identified Dr. Siger Holmes and his wife Violet as having been present at the Wold Newton Meteorite strike. Holmesian Speculation (also known as The Sherlockian game, the Holmesian game, the Great Game or simply the Game) is the practice of expanding upon the original Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle by imagining a backstory, history, family or other information for Holmes and Watson, often attempting to resolve anomalies and clarify implied details about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Peskett also produced evidence that Al Capone’s former jockey was rightfully the 13th Dunbar of Mochrum Baronet; identified a Canadian-born former Coal Board employee as chief of Clan Arthur; and upheld the claims of Richard Oliphant, a 49-year-old company secretary, to be head of Clan Oliphant in preference to the claims of Laurence Philip Kington Blair of Ardblair and Gask, who had been the public face of the family.

He established references in more than 300 documents from around the world before verifying the claims of John Michael Baillie-Hamilton Buchanan, the manager of an estate near Callander, Stirlingshire. ESL Printables, Sherlock Holmes has been one of the central characters of this tree. In 2018 the Lord Lyon King of Arms, the head of Lyon Court that regulates Scottish heraldry, formally upheld a petition for him to assume the chiefship of the clan. A popular pastime among fans of Sherlock Holmes is to act as if Holmes and Watson were real people, and to attempt to explain facts about them, either from "clues" in the stories, by combining the stories with historical fact, or by entirely inventing their own material. Peskett’s proof of the succession of the 23rd Lord Borthwick, a title that had become dormant in 1910, involved research in the medieval archives of the Avignon popes, though he unearthed the key documents in a case in a cardboard box beneath the billiard table at Crookston House on the Borthwick estate. Enola Holmes arrives based on the series of mystery novels by Nancy Springer, which explores the Sherlock Holmes family tree from a very female perspective. Based upon "The Family Tree of Sherlock Holmes" by Brad Mengel (see below), Sherlock Holmes had seven siblings--Shirley, Sherrinford (the squire), Mycroft (third of that name), a vampiric twin to Sherlock named Rutherford (mentioned in Fred Saberhagen's The Holmes Dracula File), Charlotte, Sigerson (dramatized--or perhaps comedized--in the film The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother) and Sigrina (see above). Hugh Peskett is survived by his second wife, Pamela, by a son, and by two stepdaughters and a stepson. Thaddeus Holt's "The Sixth Napoleon" identifies Holmes as great-grandson of Napoleon I, his father, the child of a secret marriage of Napoleon's son the Duke of Reichstadt, having been exchanged as a baby for the child who grew up to be Archduke Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico. Famous Holmes scholar Baring-Gould used this idea as the basis for there being a third Holmes sibling, the eldest of the three, and that he — Sherrinford Holmes — managed the family’s country estate. Hugh Peskett, who has died aged 87, was known as the “Sherlock Holmes of the family tree” with an expertise in Scottish heraldry and a special line in investigating claims to ancient titles. Sherrinford had a significant role in the Doctor Who crossover novel All-Consuming Fire by Andy Lane, which also featured a cameo by Siger.

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