Hideo Tanaka A shy, quiet girl, Junko is a talented artist and she is seen as a threat by Emi Mizuchi who vows to sabotage her.

Great! She only appeared in the manga.

Emi is an egomaniac who sees herself as a great artist when at best her talent is borderline, which leads her to use her father's influence to bribe judges and copy the works of other artists.

As of 2007, the manga has been reprinted by Media Factory, who acquired the rights from Hakusensha.


last Episode Recap Sukeban Deka on TV.com.


author And the fourth bodyguard uses a pair of nunchucks. She is given the codename "Saki Asamiya" and a metal yo-yo that doubled as a badge and made to infiltrate high schools around Japan to investigate and stop criminal activities.

Tarō Sakamoto, Hideo Tanaka, Michio Konishi, Morio Maejima

title studio Toei, Sukeban Deka

Ichirō Nitta

April 11, 1985 The manga had contributed to the creation of the Sukeban Deka series before it faded into obscurity for a short time from the late 1990s to 2006, when Sukeban Deka: Codename = Asamiya Saki was shown in theaters on September 30, 2006. last

She only appeared in the manga. Carlos Ross writing for THEM Anime Reviews about the OVA stated that "Sukeban Deka is Asian action drama faithfully translated into the cel medium, and done well, to boot.". Saki's rival in prison.

The following Sukeban Deka S1 Episode 24 English SUB has been released. director A scheming, sly cell mate of Saki's. title Media Factory collected them into 12 volumes; the original edition was 22 volumes. Hirota Takeshi

type demographic

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Sukeban Deka: Counter-Attack from the Kazama Sisters Volume 1 from Hakusensha

drama [3] Chris Beveridge, writing for Mania Entertainment, felt the OVA was "a middle of the road release".[4].

October 23, 1986 sukeban deka series 3 Episode 23 RAW released. director

Gorō Yasukawa

Shōjo director Toei.

She has a mole under one eye.

The patriarch of the antagonist Mizuchi crime family. Yuki Saito from the original Sukeban Deka TV series makes a cameo appearance in the film.

Official Title: ja スケバン刑事[スケバン・デカ]: Type: OVA, 2 episodes Year: 21.04.1991 till 21.07.1991: Tags: action Action anime usually involve a fairly straightforward story of good guys versus bad guys, where most disputes are resolved by using physical force. last October 30, 1986

Kenta Fukasaku 2, Sukeban Deka

Tokio Tsuchiya, Izō Hashimoto, Noboru Sugimura, Hiroshi Toda, Ichirō Yamanaka


drama Yo-Yo Girl Cop (Sukeban Deka: Codename = Saki Asamiya)

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October 29, 1987

As with Yuki, ナンノ opted to not return to "Sukeban Deka" after 42 episodes and instead went off to pursue other TV roles and continue her growing music career.

Izō Hashimoto, Tokio Tsuchiya

December 1982 Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! Another bodyguard uses brass knuckles. episodes

Sukeban Deka is an anime from studio »Sido Limited, Big Bang« that falls into the main genre of Crime. Three feature films have been produced.

Product listing at official company site: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The series follows a delinquent schoolgirl who is taken in by the government and forced to fight crime to redeem herself. Wada was developing a highschool drama, but the publisher expected detective story starring a high school student. Hana to Yume

Saki's best friend.

22, Sukeban Deka


Hideo Tanaka, Toshio Ōi, Tarō Sakamoto, Morio Maejima

To help Saki escape from prison, she ends up seducing the prison warden who is a lesbian.

November 7, 1985

It was directed by Kenta Fukasaku and stars Aya Matsuura as the new Saki.

live film drama Saki's kind friend in prison.



live film Sukeban Deka(スケバン刑事?, trans. Shinji Wada network Izō Hashimoto They look circa "Brother, dear Brother" or any other 70s series, with very pointy almond shaped faces, huge eyes, very sweeping and round hair, and very thin, tall bodies. Sukeban Deka: The Movie title network

When Remi first arrives at the high school, many of the students admire her because of her striking beauty. first studio publisher

Check out all of our freely drama series online by clicking on Drama List. The dark haired middle child of the Mizuchi family.

Fuji TV Noboru Sugimura, Tokio Tsuchiya, Akira Umino, Umihiko Tōno, Ichirō Yamanaka, Izō Hashimoto first

Hikuidori becomes friends with Saki at first but then betrays her and turns out to be an informant of Remi's.

October 30, 1985 The creation of Sukeban Deka was the result of a misunderstanding between the author Shinji Wada and the editors at Hakusensha. Saki's ardent admirer who follows her all over the school campus.

Tokio Tsuchiya, Izō Hashimoto, Noboru Sugimura, Hideo Tanaka, Toshio Ōi, Tarō Sakamoto, Morio Maejima.


studio Yet another newbie idol singer was recruited for the Third Season, this time in the way of petite 浅香唯/Asaka Yui . スケバン刑事

Emi steals Junko's work and copies from it to win an art contest.

At an impasse, Wada decided to combine the two concepts. Fuji TV

Fuji TV

live film

Here is the RAW. Hirota Takeshi

Once there, she comes face-to-face with the powerful Mizuchi sisters, who moved in and have taken control after her previous expulsion.


It was, to some extent, a fortuitous accident: the publisher was expecting a detective tale, Wada was working on a high-school story, and the two concepts ended up getting welded together. Sukeban Deka (スケバン刑事?, trans.


Hideo Tanaka The third uses a bike chain.

The eldest daughter, a beautiful blonde who is completely ruthless and sociopathic.


The characters specifically are worth mentioning.

Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. music Delinquent Girl Detective) is a Japanese detective action shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Shinji Wada and serialized on Hana to Yume.


Only one does all the talking. episodes ova writer

Sukeban Deka 3: Shōjo Ninpōjō Denki

Despite her cold demeanor, she is loyal to her father and sisters.

• 24, Sukeban Deka

She only appeared in the manga. The first movie, Sukeban Deka The Movie was released in 1987, and closely follows the TV series. type She never backs down and is very stubborn.

type Tokio Tsuchiya, Izō Hashimoto, Masayoshi Azuma, Junki Takegami, Kazuhiko Gōdo The third movie Sukeban Deka III: Asamiya Saki, was released in 2006. title type Watch Sukeban Deka episodes, get episode information, recaps and more.

Saki is a natural born fighter who enjoys getting into scuffles with various people.

writer Her fellow Hello! genre 42, Sukeban Deka If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Sukeban Deka has been adapted into three live-action television series, an original video animation series and three feature films, the latest of which was released in 2006 as Yo-Yo Girl Cop.

Action, Detective fiction, Sukeban Deka

Project members Rika Ishikawa, Erika Miyoshi and Yui Okada from Biyuden, and Masae Ootani from Melon Kinenbi also star in the movie.


caption Out of all three movies, this title is most known and is more accessible, due to it being released on DVD in the U.S. by Magnolia, and in the UK by 4Digital Asia.

Toei, Sukeban Deka writer

However, throughout the entire Sukeban Deka manga series, Remi serves as a deadly antagonist to Saki. writer

However, she is the least evil out of the Mizuchi sisters. first

One day, his subordinate Nishiwaki brings him information about Godai Yoko, who has been brought up in Tosa wearing an iron helmet (Tekkamen). He is the tallest and his weapon is a wooden sword.

Toei last

Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles to be expanded from December 2009, Articles with invalid date parameter in template, Japanese television dramas based on manga, Sukeban Deka: Counter-Attack from the Kazama Sisters, Sukeban Deka the Movie 2: Counter-Attack from the Kazama Sisters, http://www.amazon.com/Yo-Yo-Girl-Cop-Tak-Sakaguchi/dp/B000OU6XVG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1238588316&sr=1-1, http://www.4digitalmedia.com/index.php/details/4, https://manga.fandom.com/wiki/Sukeban_Deka?oldid=69137. Let's watching and enjoying sukeban deka series 3 Episode 23 and many other episodes of sukeban deka series 3 with Full HD for FREE.

42, Sukeban Deka



The television series, though technically one series made up of three seasons, are essentially self-contained and separate, aside from sharing the same basic themes and premise, and starring popular japanese idol singers in the main roles, each one replacing the previous as the new Asamiya Saki, taking on her cover identity and yo-yo weapon.

Ayumi's four bodyguards. Ayumi is a drug addict and dealer, and is extremely greedy.

The OVA pertains animation bearing similarities to the style of the 70's manga, particularly in the character designs. Shōichi Maruyama

Saki Asamiya is given a chance to delay her mother's execution by working as an undercover cop and infiltrating Takanoah High School to investigate some mysterious deaths among the student body.

Sukeban Deka II season 1 episode 1 Having lost Asamiya Saki, Sukeban Deka I, Kurayami has been looking for a successor, but he has been having trouble finding the perfect candidate.

AnimationThe animation style for Sukeban Deka was definitely old looking, and very different, but still very effective.

Description: Blurb: The last time Saki left school it was to change her school uniform for prison greys, but when the Feds needed someone to infiltrate a ruthless criminal o…

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