Webb, Michael (June 3, 1977). The war interrupts the men's quarrel and they do not meet again until six months later in Augsburg in 1801. However, Feraud takes it as a personal insult when d'Hubert tells him he is under arrest at the house of Madame de Lionne, a prominent local lady. The two men meet in a ruined château on a wooded hill. But he is an unwavering boor from start to finish, and his prowess with weapons is in no way redeeming. With that d'Hubert returns to his life and happy marriage. The couple fall in love and are married. Champlin, Charles (January 27, 1978). This story is about an eccentric kind of hunger. The basis of the screenplay is the Joseph Conrad short story The Duel (titled Point of Honor in the United States) published in A Set of Six.

The film has been compared to Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. [3], The film holds a 92% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 24 reviews, with an average score of 7.2/10 and the critical consensus: "Rich, stylized visuals work with effective performances in Ridley Scott's take on Joseph Conrad's Napoleonic story, resulting in an impressive feature film debut for the director."[4]. While recovering, d'Hubert takes lessons from a fencing master and in the next duel (held in a cellar with heavy sabres), the two men fight each other to a bloody standstill. The Conrad short story evidently has its genesis in the real duels that two French officers fought in the Napoleonic era. "The Current Cinema". The main locations used for shooting the film were in and around Sarlat-la-Canéda in the Dordogne region of France. After Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo, d'Hubert joins the army of Louis XVIII. In both films, duels play an essential role. Aware that in two weeks time he is to be promoted to major, d'Hubert attempts to slip away but is spotted by Feraud's perpetual second. Honour, for him, is an appetite. [citation needed]. Reluctantly d'Hubert agrees to the terms. A Bonapartist agent attempts to recruit d'Hubert as rumours of Napoleon's imminent return from exile abound.

Canby, Vincent (January 14, 1978). [1] The basis of the screenplay is the Joseph Conrad short story "The Duel" (titled "Point of Honor" in the United States) published in A Set of Six. [14], On 29 January 2013, Shout! As a result of the fight, the General dismisses d'Hubert from his staff and returns him to active duty with his regiment. But d'Hubert refuses to command a brigade if the Emperor returns from Elba. In The Encyclopedia of the Sword, Nick Evangelista wrote: As a young officer in Napoleon's Army, Dupont was ordered to deliver a disagreeable message to a fellow officer, Fournier, a rabid duellist. "New Movie, 'The Duellists,' Is Set During Napoleonic Wars". In his commentary for the DVD release of his film Scott comments that he was trying to emulate the lush cinematography of Kubrick's film, which approached the naturalistic paintings of the era depicted. Siskel, Gene (April 2, 1979). Vincent Canby of The New York Times wrote: "The movie, set during the Napoleonic Wars, uses its beauty much in the way that other movies use soundtrack music, to set mood, to complement scenes and even to contradict them. "'The Duellists': Pretty, but plot is a lost cause". [12][13] The military adviser was military historian Richard Holmes. Six years later the pair chance upon each other during the French Army's retreat from Moscow in 1812.

Kael, Pauline (January 23, 1978). "Misfire". Scene from the movie "The Duellists" The last duell. One of my favorite movies:). The scenes set during the retreat from Moscow were shot in the Cairngorms of Scotland, near Aviemore. The final duel scene was filmed at Château de Commarque.

D'Hubert approaches the Minister of Police Joseph Fouché and persuades him to release Feraud (without revealing d'Hubert's part in his reprieve). The contest was eventually resolved when Dupont was able to overcome Fournier in a pistol duel, forcing him to promise never to bother him again.[2]. D'Hubert slashes his opponent's forehead; blinded by blood flowing into his eyes, Feraud can no longer fight. Feraud challenges him to another duel which is to be fought on horseback with sabres. But instead of shooting him, d'Hubert says that tradition dictates he now owns Feraud's life which means that in all future dealings with him, Feraud shall now conduct himself "as a dead man".

Two years later, after Napoleon's exile to Elba, d'Hubert is a brigadier-general recovering from a leg wound at the home of his sister Leonie in Tours. "[7] Variety wrote that Ridley Scott "does have an eye for fine compositions, period recreation and arresting tableaus. Ansen, David (January 30, 1978). The action moves to 1806 when d'Hubert is serving in Lübeck. Military discipline forbids officers of different ranks from duelling. They fought their first duel in 1794 from which Fournier demanded a rematch. This rematch resulted in at least another 30 duels over the next 19 years, in which the two officers fought mounted and on foot, with swords, sabres, and pistols. It won the Best Debut Film award at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival. "[9] Michael Webb of The Washington Post wrote, "The film has the pictorial beauty and rich period sense of 'Barry Lyndon,' but adds the narrative drive and passion that Kubrick's film lacked. (2)trivia: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075968/trivia(1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Duellists(2) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075968/quotes- fair use - "[5] Pauline Kael of The New Yorker wrote, "'The Duellists' is an epic yarn; we sit back and observe it, and it's consistently entertaining—and eerily beautiful. Under pressure from the mayor, Brigadier-General Treillard orders one of his staff officers, Lieutenant Armand d'Hubert of the 3rd Hussars, to put Feraud under house arrest. But before their animosity can seize them, Russian Cossacks attack forcing d'Hubert and Feraud to fight together instead of against each other. He is shocked to hear that the 7th Hussars have arrived in the city and that Feraud is now also a captain. Feraud is arrested and is expected to be executed for his part in the Hundred Days. The Duellists is a 1977 British historical drama film and the feature directorial debut of Ridley Scott. The Duellists is a 1977 historical drama film that was Ridley Scott's first feature film as a director. "Cannes Festival: A Case of Expecting the Worst—and Getting It". from Ridley Scotts first film, The Duellists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Duellists The New York Times placed the film on its Best 1000 Movies Ever list. Soon afterwards, d'Hubert is relieved to learn he has been promoted to captain. It is a true story and begins in the year that Napoleon Bonaparte became ruler of France. After Feraud learns of d'Hubert's promotion in the new French Army, he sends two former officers to d'Hubert with a challenge for a pistol duel. The result is inconclusive; d'Hubert slashes Feraud's forearm but he is attacked by Feraud's mistress before he can finish him off. Upon reaching his quarters, Feraud challenges d'Hubert to a duel. When Feraud, who is now a Bonapartist brigadier-general, learns this he declares he knew d'Hubert was a traitor to the Emperor, which is why he challenged him to a duel in the first place. She introduces him to Adele, the niece of her neighbour. But it is somewhat surface and too taken up with poses… it rarely illuminates the deeper human aspects of these two flailing men.

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