Check! Wasabi Best third party integration for Wasabi. Our partners offer innovative Wasabi powered solutions to their customers who benefit immediately with disruptive cost savings and incredible performance and protection. When your data is powered by Wasabi, it powers your business. 3. Until Wasabi came along. You can purchase cloud storage in 1, 3 or 5 year increments and achieve greater discounts for term and capacity. Wasabi is an incredibly fast and inexpensive cloud storage product designed from the ground up with Amazon S3-compatibility as a goal. Wasabi offers two different pricing models of low cost high performance cloud storage. Wasabi is fundamentally transforming cloud storage with the industry’s simplest, fastest and most affordable storage solution. When your data is powered by Wasabi it powers your business. 99.999999999% (11 nines) durability means that if you store 10 million objects, then you expect to lose an object of your data every 10,000 years.” — Synology Blog. However, from a “standard” cloud storage point of view, Wasabi is the best bang for your money which allows you to invest financially into other areas of your infrastructure, people and processes. For many companies, migrating their data to the cloud is a necessity, but with Wasabi it’s also an opportunity. Configuring your server to provide HTTPS using Let's Encrypt and Nginx. Before I could achieve this, I somehow needed to get an API-access which is done in your profile settings at (you will have guessed it) the option „API Access“: Here, a new (or additional) API key can be created as I have done it for my Nextcloud-instance for example. When your data is powered by Wasabi, it powers your business. Data that needs to be readily visible and available to the operating system and/or application software with which it was created and must be immediately accessible to users. Become a partner to immediately realize dramatic price and performance improvements for you and your customers. Wasabi delivers disruptively low cost, fast and reliable cloud storage with no hidden fees. Storing, managing, and accessing data affordably and reliably is the ultimate competitive advantage. One price. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is enterprise class, tier-free, instantly available, Provide immediate economic impact to your customers, Support integrated solutions with Wasabi hot cloud storage, Wasabi works with hundreds of leading applications and technologies, Sign in or register for the Partner Portal, Not all data is created equal, but Wasabi makes all data hot and affordable, Wasabi hot cloud storage uses one tier to fit all your needs. Since the adoption of cloud storage offerings from more traditional companies have raced to compete with AWS S3. This all sounded yet too great so I went for a test drive — and (just to anticipate it) stayed there as one TB of storage (the smallest amount you may book) comes just US$ 5.99. We recognize that while not all data is created equal, with the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, every piece of data has the potential to reshape and transform your business. I stayed with the English tongue and after creating the first bucket named „pifferi02nextcloud“ here I was able to manually upload files. One simple storage solution that is faster than Amazon S3 yet cheaper than Amazon Glacier. In my case, a Synology DS-916+ is part of my infrastructure, serving as a permanent storage for music I have bought, photos of all kind, videos and stuff like that. One thing that Wasabi does well, is it simplifies the entire cloud offering landscape. In addition, some weeks ago, a sales person contacted one of our company’s prior datacenter experts to partner with the Wasabi because of our connection to Veeam. GitHub | License | Acknowledgements |  Copyright 2020 iterate GmbH | Privacy Policy. Wasabi’s unique cloud storage offering that meets both “hot” and “cold” specifications in terms of access and cost all under a single price point was noted as a key differentiator.

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