Wiz: It must be observed that there are two other decisive differences between these two opponents: Maleficent has a soft spot for her crow, repeat her crow, and reacts vengefully when the crow is killed off. However, rather than focusing on these differences, Jolie teases that there is then a “real push to say that this is not how it should be.

Since my sister and I have had an endless debate about this, I would like to see who you think would win in a fight. And it was only after eating the fruit that its presence became a horror to her, repelling her and keeping her away for centuries to come. Jadis slashes the air again and Diablo is turned to stone - he drops hundreds of feet from the sky and shatters at her feet. Boomstick: May-Lee Fishent....Male Fickent...May-Lee Feickent...screw it! Boomstick: She is a human/fairy/dragon freaking supernova!

“[The films says] be yourself. Jadis reappears behind Maleficent, clutching her side and limping weakly towards the dragon. She's the one who made it always winter, always cold, she gave orders... Wiz: Jadis induced the whole of Narnia with an eternal winter, making her even more powerful than ever before and earning her the name The White Witch.

She is also perfectly able to turn any scenario in her own favor.

Wiz: Although Maleficent is capable of fear, she seldom shows this - she will charge head-first into battle with no hesitation, provided all of her other forces have been spent first.

Jadis backward-somersaults through the air, as Maleficent crash-lands in a ball of green flame. Wiz: The Royal Family of Charn are ancient and renowned for being extremely powerful practitioners of magic. Boomstick: And the moment she landed in Narnia, she started causing trouble. Which makes it all the more amusing that she was originally a little insulted when people told her, “We thought you were the only person that could play Maleficent. Everything goes entirely silent. This might seem hyperbolic, but Maleficent is one of the most important movies in recent Disney history.. Boomstick: And her secret police consisted of wolves. Ho-ly crap! The wolves snarl, and the two groups lunge at each other and an off-screen battle takes place for five seconds, in which the goblins emerge victorious, with the wolves lying in bloody pieces around them. Once Upon A time version? Maleficent: Did you honestly think it would be so easy? This means that either there is another type of incredibly powerful energy in her fire, or the flames statistically reach minimum temperatures of over 40,000 degrees Celsius.

Wiz: Her fire is so powerful it destroys entire bridges of stone, and dissolves every single tree it touches in a matter of seconds. Way to send a message, Disney. Maleficent braces herself as Jadis jabs her arms at her, and the tsunami roars down upon both of them.

No matter what atrocities she commits in Narnia, Aslan will always be there to upturn them. I'll show you!

The White Witch reappears, dismounting the chariot, which canters out of sight. Wiz:...to plunge Narnia into tyranny, and henceforth reigned supreme for over one hundred years. Not only was she “delighted and surprised” by Linda Woolverton, Noah Harpster and note-1Micah Fitzerman-Blue’s script, but she was really attracted and excited at the mere “notion of working with both” Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning.

“Because you’re not exactly like her, you’re not her mother.

The goblin chief licks the blood off his knife, and looks up, just as the shadow of Jadis looms over them, drawing her wand. The bolt of lightning strikes the very tip of the wand and stays there, with Jadis pointing it directly up at Maleficent.

This is how she came to Earth, and later Narnia.

What has happened to today's police force that made it devolve so badly.

Jadis studies the body silently, then turns sighs.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Narnia vs Sleeping Beauty. Ahead of the movie's release, the cast reflects on the most profound messages in ‘Mistress Of Evil’. Upon hearing this prophecy, typical of a fantasy story villain, she set about doing everything in her power to prevent the prophecy from happening: any human who is found in Narnia is to be turned over to her, so that she can personally kill them.

Every time Jadis's and Maleficent's weapons clash, sonic booms and small shockwaves are created. They were also enormously arrogant and obsessed with power.

The combined attacks send flashes of lightning and ice flying everywhere, punching chunks of ice and stone out of the ground. She is one of the most badass and powerful characters in Disney history. Maleficent appears at the top of her castle, silhouetted except for the flash of her eyes and the toxic-green orb of her staff.

F*cking wolves! Maleficent backs away, moving her staff with superb speed to redirect and counter Jadis's attacks. Wiz: The unnamed fictional Kingdom was blessed with a king and queen, and now a beautiful baby daughter. Wiz: Boomstick, this is a kid's fantasy Disney movie with dragons and witches and elves and fairies and princesses. Boomstick: She can transform into dragons too? After five seconds, she bursts through the surface of the flood and the water dissolves at her feet. Jadis: You brought this on yourself, you pesky lizard! Laughing, Maleficent waves her head and spits flames into the air, triumphant. But the one who trumped them all in power and ambition: Jadis, the Terror of Charn. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community.

However, there was one being who did not receive an invitation... Maleficent appears in flames at the start of the movie Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent (/ m ə ˈ l ɛ f ɪ s ən t / or / m ə ˈ l ɪ f ɪ s ən t /) is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Productions' 16th animated feature film, Sleeping Beauty (1959). Maleficent raises her staff and slams the base down on the ground, creating a shockwave which rips through the entire kingdom, pushing the dust hundreds of miles away from her. In a green-burning forest, Maleficent rears her head triumphantly, before launching herself into the air and flying towards Jadis. Anyway, when she transforms into a dragon, Maleficent gains incredible strength, and the ability to breathe green fire so potent that it melts absolutely anything on contact and is so strong that thunder can be heard when she breathes that fire. The Queen would need time to prepare in her lab or hire somebody to fight for her, meanwhile all Maleficent would need to do is turn into her dragon form and eat/roast her. Wiz: Maleficent is cunning, sly and devoid of conscience or compassion. Maleficent sneers and stabs with the orb of her staff, striking Jadis in the breast. The leader of the wolves, Maugrim, approaches them. Maleficent screams as the tsunami engulfs her. The fire melts the army into black slime. Wiz: Appropriately enough, all of her powers and skills are nullified when faced with Aslan.

Boomstick: Maleficent not only comes head-to-toe with weaponry and insane magical powers, but she is also one of the coolest-looking Disney characters of all time. Jolie admits that while the film is about “family,” “acceptance” and how the “love of a child” can transform people, Mistress Of Evil also examines very timely issues surrounding family and diversity. Determined to remain the fairest one of all, the Queen becomes insanely jealous of Snow White, the only one whose beauty surpasses her own. Wiz: The concept of a wicked witch appearing as the main antagonist of a fairy tale has existed for as long as mankind has told stories. And that is why this movie strikes a chord with me.”, In the middle of the movie, both Aurora and Maleficent explore their extremely different origins and backgrounds.

Wiz: Jadis claims that her sister drove her to it, but the honesty of this claim is really debatable. Press J to jump to the feed. Jadis: I was hoping for a challenge. Jadis cries out as she is thrown through the air. Maleficent. This means that her purpose is also that of Satan: corruption, deceit, manipulation and psychopathic cruelty.

Her sister raised her sword and shouted 'I win!'.

Boomstick: Jesus Christ, that was awesome!

Not only does Maleficent repeatedly question whether or not she is good enough to be Aurora’s mother, but “throughout the film they are told that because they’re not the same, they’re not family,” says Jolie, who has adopted three children.

Maleficent: Filthy, dishonourable cheat!

The two of them both believed that they had the right to rule Charn, and it was this argument that sparked a really, really, really long and extremely bloody and destructive war that spanned for centuries.

Moving her wand so incredibly fast that it becomes a golden blur, each strike deflecting and disintegrating an individual chunk of stone. Boomstick: She is also one callous, all-powerful jerk. Wiz: Whilst the kingdom's clothes production systems fall to pieces, Maleficent herself started to manhunt the princess with her secret police of goblins and her pet crow, Diablo.

Be your true self. Jadis staggers back under the shockwave, and Maleficent points her staff, a thin stream of green flame spraying from the orb.

Boomstick: But Maleficent isn't much of a coward without her minions.

I want to live in a time where spaceships and lightsabers are a thing! Wiz: Jadis is extremely intelligent, cunning and a ridiculously adept manipulator.

Maleficent closes in on Jadis, opens her jaws and snaps them shut on the sphere of ice.

The point of collision between the two attacks gradually approaches Maleficent, and forks of lightning backfire on her castle, slicing through sections of it.

She grew up over the centuries - that's right, centuries - to become one of the meanest bitches to walk the planet.

It greatly enhanced her naturally superhuman strength. I don't think there's much point in being too logical, or gross, about what happens in this film... Boomstick: You've obviously never seen Game of Thrones...or Clash of the Titans...or any 21st-century fantasy film or tv series worth watching. Laughing maniacally, Maleficent inhales and then unleashes a storm of green fire from her mouth. Jadis spreads her arms at the geyser, and it becomes a tsunami that reaches high above the clouds.

Then she mutters an incantation and immediately freezes, standing bolt upright, in suspended animation, awaiting for the next person to come and bring her a new kingdom to rule. The flames wrap around the shield, which holds fast and continues to reform as some of it gradually melts into water around her. Maleficent turns, crying out in pain as her spear-sized teeth clatter to the ground.

Queen Jadis vs Maleficent is a What if? She spreads her arms, standing up to full height...and speaks the Deplorable Word. Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out which of these beastly beldams and find out who would win a Death Battle.

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